Six Things Parents of Twins Hate About Their Double Strollers

And the One Thing They Absolutely Love

Most parents of twins would agree... the one piece of baby equipment that they can't live without is a good double stroller. Without it, they're stuck. It's the easiest way to get around town with two babies, and the best way to contain two toddlers out in public. Unfortunately, it can also be a big pain in the neck -- or back! It's definitely a love/hate relationship. Parents of twins know they can't live without it, but there are just some things that drive them crazy. Take a look at the six things that parents of twins hate about their double strollers, and the one thing they really love. 

The Cost

woman pushing double stroller with twins in park
A double stroller for twins can be expensive. Ty Milford / Getty Images

There's a wide variety of double strollers on the market, ranging in style, price, and construction. There's no one perfect stroller that meets everyone's needs, so parents have to shop around to find the one that works best for their family. But no matter what, you've got to pay a price. Spend too little on a cheap model, and it won't hold up under the strain of double duty. The perfect stroller for pushing infants doesn't cut it with busy toddlers. Want accessories like a storage basket, snack tray, cup holder or sun shades? Prepare to pay. The highest rated models retail for several hundred dollars while high-end specialty strollers from Thule and Orbit sell for more than $1,000. 

Keeping It Clean

twin sin double stroller
Twin babies make twice the mess in a double stroller. Ching Chen / Getty Images

For families on the go, twins spend a lot of time in their double stroller. And after a while, accidents happen. Multiples are messy. Between cookie crumbs, juice spills, diaper blowouts, and other bodily mishaps, it can quickly get pretty dirty. But there's nothing easy about cleanup with a double stroller. You can wipe down the parts that are accessible, but without taking it completely apart, the cracks and crevices hold on to their treasures. Just try removing the coverings and paddings -- you may get them off and cleaned, but good luck putting them back in place. 

It's Big, Bulky, and Heavy

Double Stroller and Car
Getting a double stroller in and out of the car can be a hefty challenge!. Photo courtesy of Neil Blythin.

They may advertise a stroller as a "one-hand operation," but let's face it ... Opening a double stroller and setting it up takes both hands -- and sometimes both parents! A good durable double stroller is worth its weight in gold, and is just as heavy! Hefting a double stroller around constitutes quite a workout. (A bonus for busy parents who don't have time to make it to the gym.) 

No Room in the Car!

double stroller in car
With a double stroller in the car, there's no room for much else. Photo courtesy of Sarah Manning.

 Once you have twins, you can say goodbye to your dream of zipping around town in a slim, sporty car. Never mind that you have to find room for two car seats, where do you store the double stroller? With twins, the double stroller becomes a permanent fixture in the back of the car -- whether in the trunk or filing up the back of a minivan or SUV. One it's in place, there's no room for much else.

The Attention It Attracts

A double stroller attracts a lot of attention
A double stroller attracts a lot of attention. Ruth Jenkinson / Getty Images

Pushing around a double stroller, complete with two ("too") cute twins is the equivalent of a traveling circus. Everyone turns to look and gawk, and some even flag you down to comment and ask questions. There's no way to be discrete, so you might as well revel in your moment in the spotlight. Now you know what celebrities feel like with the paparazzi on their tail. Don't worry, it won't last forever.  

Maneuvering in Tight Spaces

Double Stroller with Twins. Photolibrary / Getty Images

Doorways, hallways, elevators, store aisles... the bane of double strollers everywhere. The world's not designed for double wides.  Whether you choose a side-by-side or a tandem style double stroller, narrow spaces are difficult to navigate with a double stroller. You'll become adept at negotiating, finding detours, and appreciating any space that provides wheelchair access. If a wheelchair fits through, so can you. 

And the One Thing Parents of Twins Absolutely Love ....

Father Holding Twin Babies
Father Holding Twin Babies. Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender / Getty Images

 What do parents of twins love about their double strollers? Why of course, it's the precious bundles they carry! All of the hassles and headaches of double strollers are all worth it for the joy of parenting two sweethearts

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