10 Things to Stop Doing If You’re Considering Plastic Surgery

Thinking about having plastic surgery? Here are some things to stop doing before you proceed.

Stop watching plastic surgery on YouTube the night before your surgery.

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You won’t believe the number of my patients who come to me on the day of surgery and tell me they’ve watched the procedure they were going to have on YouTube the night before. I’ve yet to have a patient tell me that it was a good idea and that watching the video made them want to do the procedure even more! It’s good to be informed – you should know about the risks, benefits, and alternatives – but you don’t actually need to see the step-by-step. Unless you’re into that type of thing!

Stop comparing yourself to others.

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What’s good for one person may not be good for you. Body types differ significantly. For example, a larger-sized breast implant on a small frame may be just a little too much and may even border on ridiculous. The same size implant on a larger body type may look quite natural, and on an even larger body type may not appear to make a difference at all. Don’t get stuck on a size. Think about what looks good with your body frame.

Stop allowing over-plumping of your lips.

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Believe it or not, you have more control than you think when you visit a plastic surgeon. If you are getting lip injections with a dermal filler, you are allowed to say, “I think that’s enough” or even “No” if you feel you’re getting pressured into a look you don’t want. On the contrary, if your plastic surgeon tells you that s/he has injected enough, you may want to listen. Don’t push them! You can always come back for more in a week. It’s easier to add than to take away!

Stop thinking expensive means better.

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Plastic surgeons come in all price ranges. Expensive does not necessarily mean better. Less expensive does not always mean poor quality. However, if prices are too low, you may want to read the fine print or do a little more research. Prices can be based on location too. Plastic surgery done in big cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, etc. will be more expensive. Why? Usually there’s a higher demand in these areas. Additionally, increased overhead like rent is passed on to the client in terms of higher prices.

Stop thinking in terms of “cup size” if you’re considering breast augmentation.

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Almost every woman thinks she’s a “36-C” when it comes to bra size. How is that possible that a 5’4” 125 lb. woman and a 5’4” 195 lb. woman are wearing the same size bra? It’s not. Many women are not wearing the proper bra size in the first place. So requesting a certain size from your surgeon is not really helpful. And you may be sorely disappointed. You should think in terms of how noticeable you want the change to be (natural versus obvious), or look at pictures and determine what size would be too big, too small, or just right. From there, your surgeon will have a good idea of what size breast implant to place.

Stop getting breast implants that are too big for your frame.

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Speaking of implants, the trend at one time was to get a very busty appearance with breast augmentation. The trend now is to just make a woman look like she’s “lucky.” Implants that are too big stretch out the breast skin, may cause back pain, and will eventually require a breast lift and likely replacement with smaller implants.

Stop having unrealistic expectations.

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Plastics surgeons are just that, surgeons. They are not magicians. Unfortunately, there’s no free lunch. Plastic surgery involves making incisions – from the small ones of liposuction, to the larger ones of a tummy tuck. There is no such thing as scarless surgery. I had a patient who’d had prior liposuction from another surgeon and she kept commenting about how her scars “didn’t disappear.” By definition, a scar is permanent. They can become less faded with time, but they will be present. Plastic surgeons just do their best to camouflage scars in natural body creases or to hide them in areas that will be covered by clothing.

Stop being embarrassed.

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In some cultures or regions, plastic surgery has a stigma to it. If you are getting plastic surgery for you and only you, to improve upon your self-esteem, or to stop constant and frequent perseveration on an area you perceive as problematic, you should proudly stand behind your decision to proceed with surgery.

Stop thinking liposuction is a substitute for proper diet and daily exercise.

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Frequently during liposuction consultations, I have people ask me how much weight they'll lose from liposuction. I always maintain that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure but a body contouring procedure. Liposuction may make you look like you’ve lost weight after liposuction, but you shouldn’t expect a change on the number in the scale. Weight loss will come with expending more calories than you consume.

Stop being afraid to ask the plastic surgeon questions.

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It can be quite intimidating to go to a plastic surgery consultation. But remember, you only get one body! You are allowed to ask your plastic surgeon questions. If something is not clear, ask for clarification. I’ve had a patient come in with three pages of questions. I answered every one of them. She eventually became my patient! If your plastic surgeon appears impatient when you ask questions, you should feel free to exit. This pattern of impatience will likely continue after your surgery as well.

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