Things To Do When Asthma Stresses You Out

What Do You Do When Stress Amps Up?

Asthma and Anxiety
Asthma and Anxiety. Brand X Pictures

Stress worsens asthma for many patients. By itself, stress can make you feel out of breath. Stress may also contribute to not taking asthma medications

Stress is part of our daily lives and it is unlikely that you can eliminate all stress from your life. In fact, not all stress is bad. Some stress can lead to increased productivity. However, you must avoid unhealthy stress, manage stress that you cannot avoid, and learn strategies to relax and prevent asthma symptoms.

Exercise Regularly

Talk with your doctor about what kinds of exercise you can do regularly with your asthma. Whatever exercise you like, from aerobics to yoga, can benefit your stress levels. Exercise raises endorphin levels, improves mood, improves sleep and helps you raise energy levels. Exercise is also an effective may to prevent obesity, which has negative effects on asthma and stress levels.

Learn Relaxation Techniques

While there are a number of different techniques such as journaling or reciting positive affirmations, just slowing down may also help.


Simple meditation can provide significant benefits toy your health and well being. Many never even give meditation a try because they feel it might be too difficult.

Try this simple 4 minute meditation that I have utilized to help lessen my stress levels. I try to do this daily and, like when I fail to exercise, really notice a difference.

  1. Close your eyes and relax. I prefer to have the lights and low and others will prefer some soft music in the background. A comfortable chair is also good.
  2. Take deep breaths focusing on movement of your diaphragm and abdomen.
  3. Focus on relasing tension from your body for one minute and try to focus on ‘thinking of nothing.’ As thoughts come into your mind let them go.
  1. For minute two I try to focus on positive things in my life.
  2. For minute 3 I focus on people and things I am thankful for.
  3. For minute four I focus on big things I want to get done.


Yoga is a mindfullness practice that falls under a complementary medicine technique. It has many techniques, poses and types. It also focuses heavily on breathing. Many of my patients have found the Hatha techniques easy and enjoyable to start with.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing training improves quality of life in asthma patients and it may or may not decrease the need for regular anti-inflammatory medication treatment with inhaled steroids and improve your asthma control.

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