Things to Do While on Bed Rest in Pregnancy

Pregnant Mom in Bed
Photo © Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

If you've been placed on bed rest you know that it can be really boring. In addition to sitting around and worrying about your pregnancy, there are some things that you can do to help you stay mentally active and feel like you are doing normal things. Here are some of my favorite bed rest activities:

  • Stay fit.
    Don't laugh, there are ways to save your muscle mass while laying in bed. One way is to have a physical therapist come and help you out, but you can also ask your doctor if using a DVD like Bed Rest Fitness is appropriate for you.
  • Twitter
    There is always someone on Twitter. It's free and it's easy. Consider using hash tags like #pregnancy and #bedrest to find other moms who want to talk about pregnancy.
  • Netflix
    If your cable or regular television channels are driving you crazy, try an endless stream of movies from Netflix. In addition to mailing you movies with a fairly swift turn around, they also have a great source of on-demand television shows and movies online.
  • Forums
    Consider talking to other pregnant moms on various forums. You can hang out at a generic pregnancy forum,  or a forum dedicated to bed rest.
  • Books
    Reading can be great. You can choose from a variety of books and services. There is certainly the old fashioned book store or library, but in today's electronic world, there is also the availability to get instant books from services like Kindle or on your iPad. You can also check out Audible for audio books.
  • Gaming
    Don't laugh, gaming can be lots of fun, whether you're playing World of Warcraft or just hanging out with Candy Crush, 2046, Tetris, Plants versus Zombies or Angry Birds. This can be fun and mindless, but it does pass the time.
  • Facebook
    Stay connected with people via Facebook. It's fun and you can also play games as well as catch up with people.
  • Shopping
    You might not be able to troll the stores for baby items, but virtual baby shopping and even an online baby registry can make this task easily doable from your bed.
  • Blogging
    When in doubt, start a pregnancy blog. It's a great way to keep people updated on what's going on and help you process your thoughts.