Things You Can Do With An Extra Hour of Child Care

What would you do if you had an entire hour of child-free time?

Remember the days when you could go to the bathroom with the door closed and finish your lunch in one sitting? Those glory days before your life was controlled by diaper changes, Peppa Pig, homework and dance lessons. Of course, we love our children, but they are just always there..talking, eating our last bite, talking, making a mess, crying and talking. I could you use some alone time, couldn't you?

What would you do if you had an entire hour of child-free time?  

Make your dream of child-free time a reality. All you have to do is hire a babysitter, call a relative or do a babysitting swap with a neighbor. Then sit back and make the most of those glorious 60 minutes. Check out current babysitter rates in your area.

We asked parents to share how they would spend an hour of child-free time:

    1. Shower in silence for more than four minutes and put self-tanner on. (Suburban Sh*tShow)
    2. My toes are looking naked! I would get a much-needed pedicure. (Why did we have all these kids anyway?). I love pedicures cause not only do you get pretty toes but you can also get a massage and cat nap. They are really the one thing I do that is entirely just for me. (MomCo App)
    3. Drink a Venti iced coffee. Enjoy no less than 3 trips to the bathroom to pee by myself. Then (in no particular order) I would - read a short novel, pen my autobiography, get in some treadmill time, put away 3 loads of laundry, bake and decorate a cake, take a long shower and pick up another iced coffee. (Mama Cheaps)
    1. I would take a bath supervised only by my cats. (Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops)
    2. Watch an episode of Orange is the New Black and eat Doritos and ice cream. (The 21st Century SAHM)
    3. I would grab all the other preschool moms and run through the streets saying, "We're Going Streaking!" while eating fruit snacks and applesauce squeezes. (Martinis and Minivans) 
    1. What I would honestly do is clean the bathrooms. What I would like to do is eat ice cream without fear of getting caught by the kids while listening to absolutely nothing. Just...quiet. (
    2. Take a dang nap! Or sit down. Or take an uninterrupted bath. Or catch up on something besides Paw Patrol. But mostly, take a dang nap! (Three Boys and a Mom)
    3. I would own that Netflix. See ya later, Monster High and My Little Pony. Friendship ain't magic this hour! (Mommy A to Z)
    4. Eat ice cream AND paint my nails without having to share either. (The Ok Momma)
    5. Go see back-to-back showings of Pitch Perfect 2 and Entourage. All while eating my very own bucket of popcorn with M&Ms tossed in, loads of butter and NO SHARING. (Good Girl Gone Redneck
    6. Only an hour? Just enough time to watch a porno if I skip through the clothed scenes. (Maxisms
    7. Read a book. READ. ALL. THE. BOOKS. (Left Brain Buddha)
    8. Sit down at the table like a human being and eat a meal instead of standing in the kitchen eating scraps while serving everyone else! (The Naughty Mommy)
    9. Stroll a bookstore with a large, hot latte! Heaven. (Frantic Mama)
    10. Sleep. [Hands down. No questions asked.] (Scribbles and Crumbs
    11. Go to the library, laptop in tow and do some brainstorming for my blog in peace and quiet. (Early Bird Mom)
    1. I would love to be getting a massage, while sipping on coffee and watching Grey's Anatomy (Anxious Toddlers)
    2. Have a phone conversation that doesn't have " don't eat that", crying followed by " what happened" or any other interruption that comes with any conversation I have! I'd truly be able to catch up and listen to a friend or family member!

    3. Have a dance party alone in my home.
    4. Play Candy Crush while eating the candy I won't allow my kids to eat.

    5. Drink a margarita by the pool instead of chasing my 2 year old who is sure she can swim but really can not.
    6. Sit in a coffee shop and read magazines.
    7. Go to the movies...even if it means only seeing half the movie. Better than nothing
    1. I would like to sit and do nothing and just listen to the silence. My kid NEVER STOPS TALKING. Silence. Ahhhhh
    2. Go to the batting cage and go-kart riding.
    3. Have normal sex. Naked, noisy, not worrying about getting busted or interrupted sex.
    4. Take an hour shower.
    5. Get a bikini wax.
    6. Clean out and organize all of my kitchen cabinets. 
    7. Browse Pinterest for crafts I do not have time to do.

    8. Browse Pinterest for recipes I probably won't cook.

    9. Watch endless video of kittens on YouTube.

    10. Find a wine store that offers all-day wine tasting.

    11. Go out for brunch and cocktails with my spouse.

    12. Call up an old friend and reminisce about the days before you had kids.

    13. Plan and book a vacation.

    14. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at home, reading the NY Times and sipping HOT coffee.

    15. Shop for myself in an actual store and try on clothes rather than order online. 

    16. Put on an all white outfit, run around my home swearing and blasting music.

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