10 Fun Things To Do With Your Teen this Summer

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Without the pressures of homework and the battles over getting up in time for school, summer vacation often means spending time with your teen in more relaxed circumstances. Create opportunities throughout summer to work on building a healthy relationship with your teen.

1. Learn Something New Together

Learning something new can certainly be a bonding experience, especially if it’s outside of your comfort zone.

Whether you take cake decorating classes together or you try building a birdhouse, learning how to do something new can give you both an opportunity to learn from one another and practice problem-solving skills.

2. Spend Time in Nature

When you step away from technology and spend time outdoors, it can give you a chance to talk. Leave behind your cell phones and go for a walk in the woods or find a trail and go for a walk. Even playing a game of catch can be a great way to get some conversation flowing. Teens are more likely to open up when they don’t feel pressured to sit down and have a formal talk.

3. Start a Business Together

Starting business can be an adventure that teaches teens new skills that will be necessary in the real world. You can work together to open a simple business that your teen can operate and you can oversee without it requiring too much of your time. There are plenty of free and low cost business opportunities, ranging from a dog walking company to a website design service.

4. Volunteer Together

Volunteering to help others is another great way to grow your relationship. Volunteer work doesn’t have to be a big commitment and it doesn’t need to be an organized event. Although you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or work for a charity on a regular basis, you can also look for people with needs and help them on a more informal basis.

Rake leaves for an elderly neighbor or cook a meal for a family that has experienced the death of a loved one and it will show your teen the importance of helping people in need.

5. Hold a Family Fun Night

Make it a habit to hold a family fun night once a week. While some families love game nights, other families prefer doing different activities each week. The key is to find something that will get the entire family involved, including your teen.

6. Have Your Teen Plan an Outing

Sometimes it’s hard to find activities for teens because many events seem to be targeted either for younger children or adults. Give your teen an opportunity to plan an outing and make him responsible for finding something fun to do together. Discuss the budget and set some general rules ahead of time, and then let your teen take over the planning. Whether it’s a day at the park or an evening at a concert, have an open mind and be willing to let your teen take the lead.

7. Work on a Home Improvement Project Together

Completing a project together can give you a sense of accomplishment. Paint a room, put together a desk, or install a new door. It doesn’t have to be a major project, but instead, can be a simple one that both you and your teen will be able to work on together.

If you really want your teen to get invested, choose a project that will enhance your teen’s bedroom – build a headboard, paint a mural on the walls, or build some new shelves.

8. Let Your Teen Teach You Something New

Step into your teen’s world and let your teen teach you something new. Be a good learner and keep an open mind. Be willing to learn about a video game, computer program, or book that your teen is interested in. Showing an interest in your teen’s activities can be a great way to get your teen to talk to you.

9. Hold a Garage Sale

Clean out your teen’s bedroom, along with the unused items in the rest of the house, and work together on holding a garage sale.

Let your teen keep the money for any her own belongings that she sells. Working together, earning money, and dealing with customers can be a learning opportunity for your teen while it will also give you a chance to work together.

10. Plant a Garden

Whether you decide to grow flowers or vegetables, planting a garden will give your teen some responsibility throughout the summer. Work together to water the plants and weed the garden. Watching the plants grow provides a sense of accomplishment. If you grow vegetables, it can be a worthwhile experience to have your teen help you harvest the vegetables and plan a meal from the vegetables they helped grow in the garden.

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