The Joys of Pregnancy: 10 Things to Love About It

Pregnancy Can Be Overwhelming, Here's a Reminder of the Joys of Being Pregnant

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Finding out you are pregnant can bring about a series of new feelings and emotions. No matter how excited you are about the prospect of a new addition to your family, the pregnancy itself can at times be both exhausting and overwhelming.

At the beginning it may be weight gain and moodiness, then later it may be the swollen feet and difficulty getting quality sleep caused by that big round belly —It's not surprising that women seek reminders as to why pregnancy is supposed to be such a magical, joyful time.

The Joys of Pregnancy: 10 Things to Love About It

Pregnancy is tiring and it can take a toll on new mommies-to-be, but there is no need to lose sight of the fact that there are so many wonderful and amazing reasons to love the experience of pregnancy. In fact, there are a plethora of things to love about being pregnant, and below I list a mere 10 of my absolute favorite things about pregnancy:

  1. Being newly pregnant and feeling like you have a "secret" from the world is a strange but lovely feeling. The first few days of pregnancy, when very few people know about your bun in the oven, are often very special—and fun. I can't think of anything more fun than trying to come up with creative and interesting ways to share the news of a new baby to the special people in your life.
  2. Hearing the glorious horse galloping heart beat! Around 12 weeks into the pregnancy your midwife or doctor will help you experience the joys of the first sounds of your baby's heart beat.
  1. Being able to take naps without an excuse in the middle of the day. This unfortunately is a benefit pretty much reserved only for the first pregnancy, because once you have a toddler running around there is no rest for the weary.
  2. Having a big, round belly! Don't forget to take some great photos. Some women choose to take a picture every month wearing the same outfit to get a real picture of the changes.
  1. The baby moving and it is your little secret, no one else knows. You can do fetal kick counts to help you watch your baby's cycles.
  2. Playing games with the baby, like catch the foot, or kick the daddy. This is a great way to bond with baby before birth.
  3. Being able to wear comfortable, flat shoes — even to the swankiest of parties, was my personal fave. What's great is that you can now look for cute baby shoes to match yours. Be it ballet slippers, sneakers or boots, now you can have fun picking out the cutest accessories for your mini-me.
  4. Two words: multiple ORGASMS! Many women find sex in pregnancy is really great as the increased blood flow to the uterus and other sex organs make orgasms much more intense.
  5. The glow, even on the days you don't feel it. Is it the hormones or is it the multiple orgasm listed above? The good news is that no one else ever questions why you have a lovely glow when you're pregnant.
  6. Knowing that soon you'll have a little one to cuddle and nurse. Nine months seems like a very long time, but before you know it your baby will be here.

Even if you're a little scared about becoming a parent, in 9 short months there's going to be a whole new adventure waiting for you.

Take the time to be kind to yourself and enjoy the process till then.

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