Things to Put in an Activity Bag for Kids

Keep kids occupied during an outing with these fun items in an activity bag

A well-stocked kids' activity bag helps prevent boredom when traveling or at a restaurant. Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you're heading out with kids in tow to eat in a restaurant, travel (on a bus, plane, train, or in a car), or be at another setting where kids may have to do a bit of waiting and practice being patient and quiet, don't forget to take an activity bag to keep them occupied. When kids start to get fidgety and restless, you'll be very glad that they have something to keep them occupied. Some ideas for a well-prepped kids' activity bag include:

  1. Pad of drawing paper
  2. Crayons, washable markers and/or colored pencils
  3. Rainbow Loom mini loom and rubber bands
  4. Stickers and sticker book
  5. Puzzle or games activity book
  6. Coloring book or printed free coloring pages
  7. Small Lego set
  8. Story cubes (This ingenious toy lets kids create stories using their imaginations. Each cube has different pictures on each side that invites kids to make up a story. It's the perfect game for school-age kids.)
  9. Rush Hour Jr. puzzle (This brain-teaser game, and the more challenging Rush Hour for older kids, are perfect for kids who love to work out puzzles.)
  10. Small travel chess or checkers set (Look for a set that has magnetized pieces and board so that you don't lose game pieces easily.)
  11. Fun, engaging children's book (Find something that's sure to get your child's attention and keep it, whether it's a mystery like Encyclopedia Brown or even a Star Wars or Frozen-themed story; the goal is to keep kids engaged, so choosing something he or she is obsessed with is a good idea.)
  1. Portable video game player or tablet or smartphone to watch a video (When all else fails, turn to the screen; load up a new movie or favorite kids' show, and your child is likely to be sucked in and quiet. Remember to bring headphones or ear buds so that kids don't disturb people near you.)

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