7 Things You Wonder About in Twin Pregnancy

The 7 Things That Keep You Awake at Night When You're Pregnant with Twins

Pregnant with Twins - Will My Body Accommodate 2 Babies?
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Twin pregnancy is a mind-body experience. When you're pregnant with twins, your body is devotedly committed to nurturing and growing two babies. And your mind stays on high alert also. There are lots of questions and concerns that rattle through your brain at all hours of the day and night. How? Who? What If? Will They? Many of these issues have no immediate answer ... they are things that you'll only know after "it" happens. But let's examine some ways that you can put your mind at ease. We'll tackle some of the big questions that plague your mind when you're pregnant with twins.

  • Will I Have to Have a C-Section?
  • Are My Twins Identical or Fraternal?
  • How Can My Belly Ever Expand Enough to Accommodate Two Babies?
  • How Will I Tell My Twins Apart?
  • Am I Ever Going to Sleep Again?
  • Will My Twins Be Born Early?
  • Will I Get My Body Back After Having Twins?

Will I Have to Have a C-Section to Deliver Twins?

Will I Have to Have a C-Section with Twins?
Is a c-section a must? Twin Pregnancy. Steve Debenport / Vetta / Getty Images

Will you have to have a c-section with twins? Maybe ... Perhaps ... It's possible. It's true that a multiple birth is more likely to result in a surgical delivery. But it's not a guarantee.  Every twin pregnancy and delivery is individual, with unique circumstances. The decision of how to deliver your twins will be determined based on several factors, with primary emphasis on the best possible outcome for the babies and for you. If you're concerned (horrified?) about the possibility of delivering one baby vaginally and one by c-section (aka "the worst of both worlds"), you're not alone. Talk to your doctor or midwife about your fears and concerns, and ask for an explanation of their approach on twin delivery. 

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Are They Identical or Fraternal Twins?

Are my twins identical or fraternal?
Are they identical or fraternal? Twin Pregnancy. Jodie Coston /E+ / Getty Images

Zygosity is the fancy scientific word to describe types of twins, commonly known as "identical" or "fraternal." It's not something that can always be determined during pregnancy, so you may not get an answer to this question until after your babies or born. In some cases, twins and their parents are never sure of the answer, without a definitive DNA test. During pregnancy, you may be able to determine whether your twins are identical or fraternal based on some clues, such as whether they are same sex or boy/girl, the structure of the placenta, or specific medical complications. 

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How Can My Body Accommodate Two Babies?

Pregnant with Twins - Will My Body Accommodate 2 Babies?
Is there room for two? Twin Pregnancy and Your Body. Jekaterina Nikitina / Getty Images

In the final weeks of pregnancy, every pregnant woman feels that she is ginormous, and can't possibly get any larger. For women that are carrying twins, this sensation sets in earlier and lasts longer. Your body will amaze you as it grows and expands to accommodate two heads, four elbows, and forty fingers and toes. A woman pregnant with twins will likely gain upwards of thirty pounds -- probably even forty or fifty -- and only a third of that weight is baby. It's true that your body may suffer some effects from the demands of carrying double the load, but rest assured that it is temporary and worth it! 

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How Will I Tell My Twins Apart?

How will i tell my twins apart when they're born
How will I tell my twins apart? Twin Pregnancy. JurgaR / Getty Images

 This is one of those issues that fills your mind during pregnancy with twins, but becomes much less of a concern once your babies arrive. Although many twins -- particularly those that are monozygotic or identical -- have very similar appearances, it won't take long for you to be able to know and distinguish your children. Let's face it, even non-related babies can look alike, and in the midst of postpartum haze and sleep deprivation, every parent sometimes has to do a double take to know who's who. But you can try some tips and tricks to avoid mix-ups, and soon enough, you will know each of your little darlings by heart. 

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Am I Ever Going to Sleep Again?

Twin Pregnancy Sleep Uncomfortable
Will I ever sleep again? Twin Pregnancy. JGI/Jamie Grill / Blend Images / Getty Images

As your pregnancy progresses, it's likely that you'll feel restless and uncomfortable. Not to mention, the many questions and concerns that roll through your mind at all hours and keep you tossing and turning. Restful sleep can be elusive. And there's no end in sight; unless you are fortunate enough to have full-time overnight childcare, your sleep patterns are going to be erratic for the foreseeable future. But take heart. Despite the weariness, there are some strategies for resting more comfortably during a twin pregnancy. And eventually your twins -- and you -- will sleep through the night. After all, they'll leave for college in only 18 years, right?

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Will My Twins Be Born Early? Will They Be Okay?

Will my twins be premature? 10 minute old fraternal twins, Zolli and Ashlee
Will my babies be born early? Twin Pregnancy. Photo reprinted with permission of Zolly Ziglar.

It's true that many twins are born earlier than singletons. As soon as your twin pregnancy was confirmed, you probably heard lots of buzz about the possibility of preterm labor and a premature birth. Those concerns are not without merit. But plenty of twins are also born around or about "term" (considered to be 37 or 38 weeks for twins). There's simply no way to know for sure what the outcome will be for you and your babies. Regardless of the circumstances, modern medical service has amazing capabilities to care for even the most extreme conditions of prematurity. This is one of those twin pregnancy questions that requires patience and trust, and worrying about it is not productive. 

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How Will I Ever Get My Body Back After Having Twins?

How will I get my body back after twin pregnancy
How will I get my body back after this? Twin Pregnancy. Olivier Lantzendörffer /E+ / Getty Images

The extreme way that your body adapts to a twin pregnancy can leave some ravaging effects. It's true that not everything will go back to where it started after all the stretching and straining. Just as it take months for your body to expand, it will take some time to shrink down. Weight loss is only part of the process. There may be some permanent physical impacts from having twins, including scars, stretch marks, and a new shoe size. (Hey, new shoe size means new shoes, not necessarily a bad thing!) Some women also have a separation of the abdominal muscles called diastasis recti and may require surgery to fully restore her form. 

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