Thinking About Changing Your Drinking?

Do You Want to Cut Back or Quit Drinking?

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Cutting Down May Reduce the Harm. © Getty Images

Drinking more than the recommended guidelines for daily and weekly alcohol consumption can put you a risk for a variety of alcohol-related problems. But how much alcohol is too much and how much is safe? If you are drinking too much, do you need to stop drinking or just cut back?

The following articles can help you access your current drinking pattern and help you decide if you need to make a change in your drinking patterns.

Low-Risk and At-Risk Drinking

How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?
How do you know if you are drinking at a safe level? How much alcohol can you drink and still be considered a low-risk drinker?

What Is At-Risk Alcohol Drinking?
If you regularly exceed the recommended guidelines for daily and weekly alcohol consumption your drinking pattern could be considered risky.

What Are the Risks of Heavy Drinking?
You may be wondering what exactly are the risks if you drink more than recommended. What specifically is the harm in drinking too much alcohol?

Should You Cut Down Drinking or Quit Entirely?
If you have been drinking at a level that is consider high-risk or heavy drinking, you may want to consider making a change in your drinking patterns or quit altogether.

Tips for Cutting Down on Drinking
If you have decided that the amount of alcohol that you drink puts you at risk for developing alcohol-related problems, you may want to try cutting down or moderating your consumption.

Get Help to Stop Drinking
If you are in one of the categories of people who need to quit drinking or if you find out that you cannot successfully cut down on your drinking, you may want to seek help and try to quit drinking entirely.

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