Thomas & Friends Unveils New Character Logan

New limited-release character to come out every year

Thomas & Friends Unveils New Character
Meet Logan, the newest engine to join the Thomas & Friends family!. HIT Entertainment/Fisher-Price

Got a big Thomas the Tank Engine fan at home? Exciting news out of the Island of Sodor! A new character, engine Logan, will be joining the friends as part of the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway collection (RelatedThomas the Tank Engine toys).

Like all of the tanks found on the Island of Sodor, Logan has a very distinct design and personality. According to his fact sheet:

  • He’s a rough-and-tumble Steamie who looks like a Diesel
  • He learns how important patience can be
  • He works hard to correct his mistakes
  • He gains confidence and isn’t afraid to ask questions

Logan will be exclusively available August 2014 for a limited time for purchase through a variety of avenues, including the Thomas & Friends catalog, a new website (launched in August 2014), and at Official Specialty Stations (20 local toy stores nationwide).

New Limited-Release Characters and Collection Options

Starting with Logan, a new limited-release character will come out every year and be available for purchase for a short period of time. While these characters will not be featured on the television program or in any Thomas movies, Logan will appear in the Sodor Story Collection books and toys. Additionally, a whole host of new trains, playsets, toys, and other products will also be available starting August 2014, including:

  • My Custom Engine: You can choose one of three engines available in four colors and then put a name on the bottom of the engine as well as a number, which will appear on the side of the engine. Each customized engine comes with a personalized book, that features the child (or the name of the person on the engine) right on the front of the book, with their name and engine printed. 
  • Sodor Story Collection: This collection features four play sets based on favorite Thomas characters and Logan. Kids can use their imaginations to make up their own stories or, play out the story found in the exclusive hardcover storybook that comes with each set. Book packs and accessory packs are also available for purchase separately. 
  • Create-a-Set:  For little ones who are interested in building their own Thomas world, new Create-a-Set playsets allow kids (and adults alike) to play engineer and create architect their own railway.
  • Other products: Choices include high-quality bedding, sleepwear, storage options and stuffed toys.

Thomas the Tank Engine is a fictional universe that incorporates Thomas and Friends -- a very popular PBS Kids television program produced by HIT Entertainment, DVDs, Blu-rays, books, toys, and a whole line of merchandise including home products, playsets, and more. 

All of the action in Thomas' world takes place Island of Sodor, and features Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends -- trains, planes, and other moving vehicles. Through the adventures of this varied cast of characters, young children are able to glean valuable lessons about life lessons and social behaviors including being a good friend, using manners and the importance of working hard and helping with chores. The animated CGI series first aired in Britain in 1984, but Thomas can trace his roots all the way back to 1946 when he appeared in the second book of the Railway Series, written by father/son team the Rev. W. Awdry and Christopher Awdry.


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