Thorlo Light and Thin-Cushion Walking Socks

Thorlo Women's Thin-Cushion Walking Mini Crew Sock
Thorlo Women's Thin-Cushion Walking Mini Crew Sock. Courtesy of

Thorlo is a sock company that gives walkers and runners exactly what they need, with a range of choices. These socks are their lighter-cushioned walking design in mini-crew and crew lengths. They come in both men's and women's styles.

  • Women's Thin Cushion Mini-Crew Socks
  • Women's Thin Cushion Crew Socks
  • Men's Lt. Walking Mini-Crew Socks

Features of Thorlo Light and Thin-Cushioned Walking Socks

  • Designed for walking. When you walk you are using your feet differently from how you use them in running and other exercise activities. Thorlo designs its socks for specific activities so they give you what you need.
  • Padding and wear zones where needed for walkers. There is medium density padding in the ball and heel to give you protection and to wear longer in those impact areas. You can see this with the grey yarn color. Meanwhile, there is lightweight padding in the arch and there is a lace pad at the top of the foot to protect you from wearing on the tongue and lacing of your walking shoes.
  • Anatomic fitting so it stays in place during walking. A sock that bunches up in the wrong area or slips down into your shoe while you walk irritates your feet and can lead to blisters. Tube socks are for tubes. Foot-shaped socks are for feet. Thorlo designs its socks to feet human feet. Male feet and female feet also have different general shapes, so Thorlo designs for each gender.
  • Wicking and moisture control: These socks are made of performance blends of fabrics that wick moisture and sweat away from your feet. You don't want cotton socks for walking as they keep moisture next to the skin and that can lead to forming blisters.
  • Breathable: The lighter fabric allows more air flow to your foot so moisture can evaporate and your foot will stay cooler during walking.
  • Different Lengths: Mini-Crew socks come just over the ankle. They are great for walking in the warmer seasons. Thorlo crew socks come up to mid-shin for more coverage and warmth during cold weather.

    Expert Review - Thorlos Light and Thin-Cushion Walking Socks

    Thorlos walking socks have been the choice for me and my husband for hiking and walking for many years. I used the same pairs of Thorlos light hiking socks for over 12 years despite repeated wearing, washing and drying.

    Many athletic shoe manufacturers don't make all of their designs in different widths. As a result, you have to vary the cushioning amount of your socks for a better fit. I often buy light-cushioned socks because they fit better in my shoes. I have a wide foot, and a sock with too much cushioning makes for a too-tight fit. You need to give your feet room to expand in your shoes once you've been walking for several minutes.

    Walkers generally don't need thick cushioning in their socks because walking is a lower-impact activity from running, shooting hoops, tennis, etc. These light walking socks have the right amount of cushioning just where you need it. They are designed to be breathable and wick moisture away from your foot to prevent blisters. They fit anatomically on your foot to prevent bunching and creeping. These socks are worth investing in for years of service in protecting your feet.

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