26 Thoughts You Have During a Marathon


During a marathon, you have plenty of time to be alone with your thoughts. If you’ve run one before, you may recognize some of these ideas that may have popped into your head. And if you’ve yet to attempt the 26.2-mile race, here’s a mile-by-mile rundown of what to expect:

Mile 1:  Wow, that felt easy.

Mile 2:  Another easy mile. I’m totally rocking this.

Mile 3:  Who said marathons are hard? This feels great!

Mile 4:  Love this song!  Awesome marathon playlist.

Mile 5:  Whoops…spilled a little.  Better take it a little slower through the water stops.

Mile 6:  Six miles already? That totally flew by.

Mile 7:  Should I stop at that porta-potty?  Nah, I’m good.

Mile 8:  Best sign ever. Marathon spectators rock.

Mile 9:  I’m totally doing this again. This is fun!

Mile 10:  Double digits, baby!

Mile 11:  Yikes, big hill. Wonder if there are flatter marathons. Why did I pick this one again?

Mile 12:   Oh boy. Should have used that porta-potty when I saw it.

Mile 13:   Whoa. Double my half time is an awesome marathon time. See if I can hold this pace.

Mile 14:   Would be drinking a beer instead of Gatorade right now if I did the half.

Mile 15:   Still passing people. Still on track.

Mile 16:   This is getting a little boring.

Mile 17:   Hmmm….kinda wishing I did the half instead.

Mile 18:   Did I say I wanted to do this again?

 I take that back. I’m never doing this again.

Mile 19:   Yep, blisters on both feet now.  Stop to get a Band-Aid?  No, must keep moving.

Mile 20:  Focus. Just a 10K to go. Think about a body part that doesn't hurt. Left pinky finger.

Mile 21:  Did I miss the mile marker? Should…have…seen…it…by…now.

Mile 22:  What, no cheering?

Can’t you even at least give me a thumbs up?  A smile?  Useless spectators.

Mile 23:  Seriously, are these miles getting longer now?!  Who marked this course?

Mile 24:  They had to put another hill towards the end?!

Mile 25:  One more mile. Anyone who tells me that I’m “almost there” will get a hand across the face.

Mile 26:  Longest .2 miles of my life!  Now gimme that medal!  Maybe I will do this again...

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