Three-Syllable Boys' Names

Alexander, Gabriel and Sebastian are all cool picks for baby boys.

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There is something about three syllable boy names - many have an almost noble or regal sound to them. They can be a mouthful, but often match well with shorter surnames, and most provide built-in nicknames that fit baby boys nicely. 

Here are some three-syllable names, many with Biblical roots, interestingly enough, that might be good choices for your new baby boy


Alexander is a classic names that has been very popular among Millennial parents.

The name means "defender of the people," and its most famous namesake is surely Alexander the Great, the Macedonian military commander. A regal-sounding name, Alexander has versatility as well, with nicknames like Alex and Xander.


Elijah is a very old name that's been revived among parents for about the past ten years or so as a pick for baby boys. It's an ancient Hebrew name meaning, "My God is Yahweh."  His backstory is pretty intense, but Elijah does lend itself to the cute nickname Eli, which may be more suitable for his younger namesakes.


Meaning "priceless one," Anthony is a perennially popular name with strong roots in Latin and Italian. His nickname Tony is both masculine-sounding name and a poetic-sounding. Although he's widely associated with families of Italian heritage, Anthony has multicultural appeal.


Meaning "name of God" in Hebrew, Samuel is an ancient name enjoying a revival.

His nickname, Sam, does have a little bit of an old man feel to it, but for younger Samuels, there's always Sammy, a very cute alternative.


The name of the angel who announced the birth of Jesus, Gabriel has religious roots, and has held a spot in the top 25 boys' names for the past decade. With the nickname Gabe, this name is just quirky enough to be a little unusual, while offering an interesting backstory.



This name was highly popular in the 1980s and only began to slide a bit in the past five years or so. Another name with Biblical roots, Joshua means "the Lord is my salvation," and most who bear the moniker go by Josh.  


Another name with tremendous staying power and a Biblical backstory, Christopher remains a fine choice for a baby boy's name. Its roots are in Greek, and St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. His nicknames Chris and Topher are cute diminutives of the full name that are both perfect for babies.


His sister Olivia has been a top 3 name for several years, but Oliver remains a lower-key option for boys. Olive trees and branches symbolize peace, as does this name. And is there a cuter nickname for a baby boy than Ollie? 


This formal-sounding name with Biblican and Shakespearean cred doesn't leave a lot of room for nicknames, but has remained popular among Millennial parents nonetheless. 

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