Throw a Great Classroom Valentine Party

If you're responsible for the classroom Valentine party this year, you'll need to do a little preparation. Preteens love Valentine's Day, and fortunately, there are numerous ways to make the most of the event. Below is your guide to throwing a fun classroom Valentine party for tweens.

Delegate Responsibilities for the Valentine Party

You may be in charge of the Valentine party for the classroom, but that doesn't mean you have to do all the work yourself.
About a month before the party, contact other classroom parents and ask them to help you with the party. Parents can sign-up to bring or send goodies, lead a craft or other activity, or even help with clean-up afterwards.

Offer Snacks

You can predict that the children will want sugary treats. But you can also plan on having some nutritious ones, such as grapes, apple slices with fruit dip, and even a vegetable tray. Fruit juice or miniature water bottles are a better option than soda or super sweet drinks. Offering something crunchy, such as a Valentine Snack Mix, is also a good idea.

Play a Game

Be sure you offer the children plenty of activities for the party. Valentine Bingo, or a Valentine scavenger hunt are just two ideas. The games, combined with a craft and the delivery of the Valentines, should offer plenty of stimulation for your active preteens.

Think About a Teacher Gift

There's no better way to show your child's teacher how much he or she is appreciated than by offering a thoughtful gift from the class.
Students could each donate $1 or $2 for the teacher gift, or you could have them discreetly sign a classroom Valentine card, complete with a picture of the class. Ask the children for ideas, or consult with other parents a few weeks in advance of the party so that you have enough time to get your gift together.

Show a Valentine Movie

Some schools may allow you to show a movie to the classroom, provided it's age appropriate.
Consult with the classroom teacher and the administration beforehand, to make sure the activity and the movie are approved.

Do a Good Need

You can make the classroom Valentine party extra special by asking the children to take time to help those in need. Ask the children to each bring in a food item for your local food bank, or ask them to donate a new or gently used book to the school library. Another suggestion: have the children make Valentine cards for a local retirement center, or for a local fire station or police station.

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