Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday

A lively solo ride that’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping hard!

Set to fast-tempo music from decades past (with the exception of the third song), on this solo ride you’ll vary your cadence (or pace), your resistance (or gear), and your body position on the bike in ways that add up to a great workout. Along the way, you’ll build speed, stamina, and strength, as you work in various zones of your maximum heart rate. Expect to sweat buckets during the ride and feel euphoric afterwards.

First, fill a large water bottle so you can stay well hydrated during the workout and grab a towel. Then, put together your playlist and hop onto the saddle so you can ride on!

Song: Take On Me (Kygo Remix), a-ha   

What to Do: Warm up. With hands at the back of the handlebars, sit and pedal steadily against light resistance for 2 minutes. Add a bit of resistance, transfer the work to your right leg for 30 seconds, then your left leg for 30 seconds. Engage both legs again for 45 seconds.

Duration: 3¾ minutes           Speed (RPM): 80-100          Difficulty (RPE):  3-5

Song: And She Was, Talking Heads

What to Do: Add moderate resistance and do a standing jog (with hands at the back of the handlebar) for 45 seconds. Place your hands in position 3, shift your hips back slightly, and pick up your pace for 45 seconds. Repeat the pattern. 

Duration: 3½ minutes           Speed (RPM): 60-80                         Difficulty (RPE):  5-6

Song:  Can’t Feel My Face, The Weeknd   

What to Do: Add moderately heavy resistance and pedal while seated for 30 seconds. Turn up the resistance, stand, place your hands in position 3, and pick up your pace for 30 seconds. Return to the saddle for 30 seconds; add a bit more resistance and ride standing (hands in position 3) for 30 seconds.

Repeat the sequence ‘til the end of the song.

Duration: 3½ minutes           Speed (RPM): 50+                Difficulty (RPE):  7-9

Song: The Politics of Dancing, Re-Flex

What to Do: With moderate resistance on the bike (enough to support you in a standing position), find a quick baseline pace (70-80 RPMs) and pedal steadily for 30 seconds. Then perform a series of jumps—4-count jumps or 8-count jumps (that’s 4 counts up, 4 counts down or 8 up, 8 down)—for 2 minutes. Bring your hands out to position 3 and run against resistance for 30 seconds. Slow down, sit for a moment, then resume jumps for the song's duration. 

Duration: 4¼ minutes           Speed (RPM):  70/100          Difficulty (RPE):  6-7

Song: Hey Ya!, Outkast

What to Do: Against light to moderate resistance, find a quick baseline pace (70-80 RPMs) and pedal steadily for 20 seconds; do a 25-second sprint (110 RPMs). Return to the baseline pace for 30 seconds, then do a 30-second sprint (110 RPMs). Repeat the pattern throughout the song.


Duration: 4 minutes             Speed (RPM):  70/110           Difficulty (RPE):  7-8

Song: Always Loved a Film, Underworld

What to Do: Against medium-heavy resistance, sit and pedal for 45 seconds. Add some resistance, bring yourself up to a heavy standing climb (hands in position 3) for 45 seconds. Return to the saddle, add resistance, and repeat the pattern for the rest of the song.

Duration: 7 minutes              Speed (RPM):  50+               Difficulty (RPE):  8-9

Song: 1999, Prince

What to Do: Against moderate resistance, maintain a steady pace (70-80 RPMs) for 30 seconds; add some resistance and keep your pace steady for 30 seconds. Then, increase your pace by 10 RPMs (80 to 90 RPMs) for the next 30 seconds; add a little resistance and maintain 80-90 RPMs for 30 seconds. Next, increase your pace by another 10 RPMs (to 90-100 RPMs) for 30 seconds; drop 10 RPMs from your pace (80-90) for 30 seconds, then drop to 70-80 RPMs for 30 seconds.

Duration: 3½ minutes           Speed (RPM):  70-100          Difficulty (RPE):  7-8

Song: Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix), Kyla La Grange   

What to Do: Against moderate resistance, pedal at a brisk pace (90-100 RPMs) in a seated position for 1 minute; drop your pace to 70-80 RPMs and pedal while standing (hands in position 3) for 30 seconds. Have a seat, add some resistance, and repeat the pattern.

Duration: 3¾ minutes           Speed (RPM): 70-100           Difficulty (RPE):  6-7

Song: Get Down Tonight, KC and the Sunshine Band   

What to Do: Add resistance to simulate a moderately challenging hill, and pedal while standing (hands in position 3). Maintain a strong pace in a standing climb, adding a small amount of resistance every 30 seconds.

Duration: 5¼ minutes           Speed (RPM):  50-plus         Difficulty (RPE):  7-9

Song: West End Girls, Pet Shop Boys

What to Do: Cool down. While seated, pedal steadily against light resistance for 2 minutes. For the next 90 seconds, sit up in the saddle, take some deep breaths, and do some upper body stretches. Dismount from the bike and do lower body stretches.

Duration: 4¾ minutes           Speed (RPM):  60-plus         Difficulty (RPE):  2-3

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