Throwing a Thanksgiving Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower Near Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner
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Having your friends and family together is one of the things that makes a baby shower really special. You all gather around and prepare to celebrate the new baby. Sometimes gathering some far flung friends and family is difficult because of the distance and schedules we all keep. But Thanksgiving is one time where many families have more time off and do a bit of traveling. This might make a lot of sense to have your baby shower during this time period, even if it is not in the traditional sense of when a baby shower would happen.

So perhaps taking advantage of this togetherness will be the perfect answer for your baby shower. Though it is important to note that long distance baby showers can take some more managing. It might be best to ensure that the hostess actually lives in the area where the baby shower will take place. Alternatively if you, the mom-to-be, are the one who lives far away and is returning to the area with your family, you've got an easier job of party planning.

Below your will find some tips, tricks and ideas for hosting the best Thanksgiving Inspired Baby Shower ever!


While food is always central to baby shower, this is a fairly food heavy weekend any way. Consider having a lighter menu for your baby shower, or foods that are not Thanksgiving usuals. For example, turkey sandwiches are not likely to go over well. Though, you could always go for a autumn theme and think along the lines of apple cider, hot chocolate, chili, soups and bread.

If you're not up for something this heavy, you can always simply do desserts.

Great fall desserts for a baby shower can include pies and tarts, cup cakes, sweet breads like chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, zucchini bread, etc.


The biggest thing to keep in mind about Thanksgiving related baby shower invitations is that the distance might make a huge difference in planning.

You'll need to plan early. This might even mean sending out a save the date card or email. (A cute idea might be to use an belly or ultrasound photo for a save the date postcard.) This gives people a lot of time to plan ahead for attending the shower.

If you fall in the camp of people that chooses to list where someone is registered for baby, be sure to include local purchasing information or disclose if it's online on the invitation. It may also be helpful to remember that gifts can be shipped directly to moms if travel and luggage is an issue. If you, mom-to-be, is near home or will be driving, it's not the same issue as if you're having to fly with all the gifts.


Decorating for a Thanksgiving themed baby shower can also be a lot of fun. You could have a room filled with small stuffed turkeys. Use fall colors for decorating rather than the usual pink and blue or pastels. Paper chains might make a great decoration as well and could be used in baby's room later. Another fun idea would be a cornucopia (horn of plenty) as a center piece. Fill it with small baby items or diapers and decorate it with ribbons in the color theme of the party.

Another easy way to decorate, that doesn't scream baby and therefore can be used all weekend for other functions, would be pumpkins and gourds.

These are fairly inexpensive and are easy to move around and require no real maintenance. These could even be set up days before the party, minimizing what you'd need to do at the time of a party.

So don't delay, start planning your Thanksgiving inspired baby shower right away!

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