Thunderbolt Pose - Vajrasana

How to Do Thunderbolt Pose - Vajrasana
Thunderbolt Pose - Vajrasana. Ann Pizer
  • Also Known As: Diamond pose
  • Type of Pose: Seated
  • Benefits: Stretches the thighs, ankles, and feet.

Vajrasana may not look like much but if you sit in it for a while, you'll definitely feel the stretch in your thighs and feet. (If your feet cramp up, here's our advice.) It's a pose that's great for countering the effects of too much chair sitting. When you sit in a chair, most often the pelvis is tipped back, which makes the spine round forward.

This is one of the major causes of back pain. Kneeling tips the pelvis slightly forward, helping to maintain the natural curves of the spine. It's much more beneficial to your posture. 


  1. Come to stand on your knees with your thighs perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Lower your bottom onto your feet in a classic kneeling position.
  3. Don't let your feet cross under your butt because that position puts pressure on your ankles.
  4. Bring your hands into your lap. You can take dhyana mudra here if you like. To do so, bring your left hand to your lap with the palm facing up. Your right hand goes on top of the left, also with the palm facing up. Bring your two thumbs to touch making an arch above the hands. 
  5. Keep the crown of your head reaching toward the ceiling.

Beginners' Tips

  • If this position hurts the tops of your feet, cushion them with a blanket.
  • This is a good posture for meditation because it keeps the spine long. If you sit for more than a few minutes, your feet may fall asleep. In that case, hero pose with a block may work better.

    Advanced Tips

    • If you do not have knee pain, you can proceed to hero pose with or without props. 

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