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Thyroid Problems Affect Fertility

infant baby congenital hypothyroidism
Thyroid disease can affect fertility. istockphoto

February 2, 2015 - A new study shows that thyroid issues can cause significant fertility problems for women. Read the article now. (WebMD)

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Your Thyroid and Fertility: Expert Q&A

woman at computer
Thyroid disease can affect a woman's fertility.

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant or have had repeated miscarriages, experts say a checkup of your thyroid gland is a good idea. Read the Q&A now. (WebMD)

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Free Download: Comprehensive Thyroid Infographic

thyroid infographic
Mary Shomon
January 19, 2015 -- Download this free comprehensive thyroid infographic that provides tips on testing, weight loss, thyroid drugs, and more.

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Lack of Thyroid Hormone Blocks Hearing Development


January 18, 2015 -- Israeli researchers have found that some forms of congenital deafness are the result of an absence of thyroid hormone during development. Eureka Alert

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Jane the Virgin Star Gina Rodriguez Diagnosed with Hashimoto's

gina rodriguez
Richard Sandoval

January 17, 2015 -- "Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez, who won a 2015 Golden Globe, was diagnosed 10 years ago with hypothyroidism. Only in the last few months did she learn that she also had Hashimoto's disease.  Learn more now.

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Suppressing TSH in Cancer Patients -- Increased Osteoporosis Risk

thyroid second opinions, thyroid second opinion, thyroid pathology second opinion
January 14, 2015 -- The standard of care for thyroid cancer has been to keep patients on a suppressive dose of thyroid hormone replacement medication -- keeping TSH at 0 or near 0, to prevent recurrence. New research has found that in patients with low- or intermediate-risk differentiated thyroid cancer, suppression of TSH significantly increases the risk of osteoporosis, without lowering the risk of thyroid cancer recurrence. See this abstract from the journal Thyroid.

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Endocrinologists Launch "Same, Same, Same" 2015 Thyroid Awareness Campaign

shame shame shame aace 2015 thyroid awareness
Mary Shomon
January 13, 2015 - The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists' (AACE) January 2015 Thyroid Awareness Monthinitiative, Same Same Same, totally misses the mark. Find out why, now.

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Thyroid Hormones Reduce Cardiac Arrhythmias

heart disease thyroid
January 13, 2015 -- Animal studies are showing that thyroid hormone replacement therapy after a heart attack reduces the risk for dangerous heart arrhythmias - including atrial fibrillation. According to researchers, these findings could have important implications for future treatment of human patients, given that as many as 50% of people with heart failure also suffer from atrial fibrillation. Eureka Alert.

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