Troubleshooting Your Thyroid Hormone Replacement Drug Treatment

Overmedication, Undertreatment, Generic Drugs, and Potency Problems

When your thyroid hormone replacement treatment -- i.e., medications such as Synthroid, Nature-throid, Levoxyl, or Armour for example -- doesn't seem to be working as well as it should, there are some factors to explore. Here are some issues that you should troubleshoot if your thyroid hormone replacement doesn't seem to be working.

Could You Be Overmedicated?

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Thyroid hormone replacements drugs generally have few side effects, and for those who are hypothyroid due to disease, surgery or radioactive iodine, there are generally few risks to taking thyroid hormone replacement drugs -- levothyroxine drugs like Synthroid, one of the combination drugs like Thyrolar, or a natural desiccated thyroid drug like Armour. The most common risk or side effects of these drugs, however, is overmedication, which is discussed in this article.

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Is Undertreatment Preventing You From Feeling Well?

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If you're on thyroid hormone replacement, have a TSH level that's in the normal range, and are still having a range of thyroid-related symptoms, you may be one of the millions of thyroid patients suffering from undertreatment. This article looks at how to optimize your treatment.

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Should You Be Concerned About Taking Generic Thyroid Drugs?

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If you are taking generic levothyroxine, you'll want to know why the major endocrinology and thyroid organizations recommend against the generic thyroid drugs, and believe that you should take a brand-name medication.

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Hot Temperatures May be Hazardous to Your Thyroid Medications

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If you take any prescription drugs, you need to be aware that summer's high temperatures -- for storage and shipping -- can degrade the potency and stability of many medications, including thyroid drugs. Find out whether hot temperatures could be affecting your thyroid medication and your treatment.

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Making Mistakes in How Your Take Your Medication

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Are you taking your thyroid medications correctly and at the right time? Are you avoiding things that can interact or interfere with your treatment? Learn about the ways that you can inadvertently sabotage your treatment's effectiveness in this article

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Are You Forgetting to Take Your Medication Regularly?

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Some people complain that their treatment isn't working, but they aren't taking their medications regularly, on schedule. Here are some creative ways to remember to take your pills every day, on time. 

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Are You Taking Your Medication With Coffee

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Many thyroid patients are not aware that coffee can significantly interfere with proper absorption of your thyroid drugs. Are you drinking a cup of coffee and then taking your thyroid medication. Or grabbing your pills first thing in the morning, and following that a few minutes later with your first morning cup of coffee? If so, you may be making a major mistake in how you take your medication. You can learn more in this article

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Are You Taking Your Medication at the Best Time?

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Most patients are told to take thyroid medication in the morning, but for some patients, taking it at night may be the better option. Learn more about nighttime administration of thyroid medications

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Are You Allergic to Ingredients In Your Medications?

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Many thyroid patients don't realize that some of the most popular thyroid drugs include ingredients, including dyes, lactose, acacia (a derivative of tree bark that can trigger reactions in people with pollen and tree allergies.) Learn more about the allergens that may be hiding in your thyroid medication

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Be Your Own Advocate

While we assume that doctors and pharmacists will tell us everything we need to know about how, when and how best to take our thyroid hormone replacement treatments, it really us up to us as patients to be informed, ask questions, and advocate for our own best treatment. If your thyroid hormone replacement medication doesn't seem to be working, it's time to sit down with your doctor, and review the above issues, to determine what next steps can help you get back on a path to wellness.

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