Timing Sex for Conception Is (Almost) Everything

Six Days to Better Baby Making Sex Online Health Course: Day 1

Couple holding each other, timing sex for conception is easier than you think
Timing sex for conception can help you get pregnant faster, but there's much more to sex for conception. Dimitri Otis / Taxi / Getty Images

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In this free online health course, 6 Days to Better Baby Making Sex, you’ll learn...

  • how to increase your chances of conception
  • avoid TTC (trying to conceive) sex burn out
  • how to spice things up in the bedroom.

With the exception of those dealing with certain cases of infertility or special medical issues, the basic way to make a baby is through sex.

But when can that happen? Does position matter? Are lubricants good or bad for baby making sex? What can you do if the passion dies, after trying for too long?

You’ll learn all this in our 6-day course.

There are homework assignments for each lesson, and the last lesson has a quiz to test what you’ve learned. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom so you don’t miss anything. Enjoy!

What you’ll learn in this lesson:

  • When is the best time for conception sex
  • Why having sex every day, or only just before ovulation, is not a good idea
  • How often should you be having sex

When Can Sex Lead to Pregnancy?

The ovum, or female egg, lives about 24 hours.

Sperm are pretty hardy, though, and can live within the female reproductive system for up to five days.

Theoretically, then, if you have sex five days before ovulation, you could get pregnant – maybe. But not likely.

    The two days before ovulation are when sex is very likely to lead to pregnancy.

    We’ll talk pinpointing these days in the next article in this series.

    First, let’s talk about whether or not you should only aim for the best days.

    Ready, Aim, Fire Vs. Spreading the Wealth

    There are a few problems with aiming only for your most fertile days.

    For one, sperm are healthier when sex happens regularly.

    Another advantage is the stress will be less. Predicting ovulation can be tricky.

    My suggestion? Track ovulation (if it doesn’t stress you out too much), so you can have sex on the days that you are most likely to conceive. And also have frequent sex all month long, to keep sperm healthier and ensure you don’t miss your chance.

    Plus, sex isn’t just for making babies.

    Sex is also a way of connecting intimately with the love of your life. Sex is also good for your health and may reduce stress.

    All good reasons to enjoy it often!

    Quick Tip! Using an Ovulation Calculator

    An ovulation calculator can help you approximate ovulation, but it will not tell you anything specific about your body. It may be more accurate if you have regular cycles and know what your luteal phase is, and it can still help you get an idea of when you may be most fertile.

    Try out our ovulation calculator.

    Homework for Today’s Lesson:

    Part 1: Read today’s recommended articles, which give you more information on detecting the best days for conception sex. You’ll also learn about a common myth regarding ovulation.

    Part 2: How often have you been having sex while trying to conceive?

    Is this more or less often than you were before you started trying to get pregnant? 

    Recommended Articles in Today’s Lesson:

    Peek ahead at tomorrow’s lesson: Recognizing signs and symptoms of ovulation, which method fits your personality and lifestyle best, and how (and why) to keep a fertility calendar.

    Course Quick Links: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6

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