Tips for Baby Proofing

Baby proofing takes some planning from the nursery to the whole house.
Baby proofing takes some planning from the nursery to the whole house. Photo © Digital Vision/Getty Images

Baby proofing is just another word for making your home a place where your baby is safe. Now it's easy to look at a newborn and think it's safe to put off baby proofing. But before you know it your tiny baby will be a wandering toddler. Here are some quick baby proofing tip:

  • Crib slats should be no further than 2 3/8th inches apart to prevent baby's head from becoming entrapped.
  • No soft bedding which can cause suffocation.
  • Remove hanging cords from window blinds and treatments.
  • Plug all outlets. The more complex the outlet plug the safer it is, but more frustrating to use.
  • Store electrical items out of reach when not in use (irons, hair dryers, curling irons, etc.)
  • Install toilet lids that lock. This prevents baby from playing in the toilet and getting hurt or drowning.
  • Poisons, including medications, should be stored high up where the baby or toddler can't find it. These should also have safety lids in case your kid out smarts you.
  • Your water heater should be no more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • All baby items should have straps that go around the waist and between the legs to prevent baby from slipping out. This goes for high chairs, carriers, swings, etc.
  • Install fire extinguishers.
  • Soften all the hard and sharp corners of tables, the hearth etc.
  • Drawers that you do not want the baby in have clasps or baby proofed closures. You might even consider this for the fridge.
  • Door locks and hinge protectors are also good ideas for doors to rooms and closets.
  • Have a plan for removing small objects from around the house every day.

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