6 Tips For Having Children At Your Wedding

children at wedding

It's wedding season! For many brides-to-be, planning a wedding is extremely stressful. One of the main stressors is the wedding guest list. The decision of whether to invite children to a wedding is a personal one. Some families (often those with many children) believe that children add magic to a ceremony and fun to a reception. On the other side, some people feel that weddings are not an appropriate place for children.

Children may scream, cry or ruin it for the happy couple. 

Decide if (some) kids are included

You may want to include some children, but not all. That is okay. Allowing your nieces and nephews to attend your wedding does not mean you have to invite everyone under the age of 13. You may choose to invite close family member's children, but not your friend's children. Decide your cut off and stick to it. Do not get caught up in what other people want; it is your day. If people choose to not attend because their children are not invited, that is their choice.

Make your decision clear

The invitation should state exactly who is invited to the wedding. Add "and family" if children are invited. If the invitation says "Mr. and Mrs." and does not say "and family," it should be understood that their children are not invited. This is common practice, but that does not mean everyone abides by it or respects it.

Some parents assume their children are invited, but don't ask. Talk to close friends and relatives and ask them to help spread the word if children are not invited. You may end up in an awkward situation if someone RSVP's their uninvited children so do your best to be clear about who is and is not invited.

Hire a babysitter

Hiring a babysitter is a great compromise if you decide to invite children to your wedding. Your guests can enjoy the wedding without having to watch their children. Look for a babysitter using UrbanSitter. Look here for more information on babysitter rates.


If you do invite kids, it is best to sit them with their parents or close to their parents. Putting a bunch of children at a table alone is not a good idea if you want to keep your wedding running smoothly. It is a good idea to talk to their parents before assigning seats.


Make sure you know how many meals and high-chairs you will need. Depending on your venue, your options for children's meals will vary. Children typically eat mini versions of the adult meals or other child-friendly options, such as chicken fingers, pasta or mini pizzas.


It is a nice gesture to provide some activities for the children to do at the table. Give each child a goodie bag filled to keep them occupied. Items may include stickers, coloring materials, activity book, puzzles, snacks and finger puppets.

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