Tips For Starting a Playgroup

kids playgroup

Playgroups are not only advantageous for young children - they are great for caregivers or parents as well. A well-formed group provides kids with an outlet for play and to develop social skills, while providing parents and caregivers with an opportunity to make new mom friends with and socialize with other adults. Long-term friendships often come out of playgroups. Many parents find they have a lot in common with other parents with similar aged children.

Here are five tips for starting a successful playgroup in your area:

Identify a common feature that will draw in parents to your new group

Is there a playgroup in your neighborhood already or would this be a new concept? Are there similar-aged kids around? Do most parents work or are there an ample number of those with a stay-at-home parent? (If most families work, this simply means that a playgroup time will need to be during non-working hours.)

Determine interest level

Check with the homeowners group, apartment manager, or neighborhood "in-the-know" person to determine whether this is something that could create interest.

Assess whether you want to be the organizer

It's a fact that the person with the idea is usually the one who does most of the work, at least initially. Are you willing to serve as the key coordinator who comes up with the ideas, creates a playgroup roster, and helps to generate activities and ways to make the playgroup a success?

Determine whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

If you're yearning for adult time and want your tot to interact with similar-aged kids, then go ahead and get started. Create a flyer and put it on homes, call families that have kids (if you're lucky enough to get a list that has this detail), or even post signs at the park.

You can even start with a simple meet and greet open house to meet some new families. Most likely, you'll find that there are others desiring the same interaction. The result could be some long-term friendships and a great network for parents and kids alike.

Use technology to create your playgroup

There are many apps that can help you start a playground. Check out MomCo, an app designed to helps connect moms with other moms and the businesses that cater to them and their children. In the MomCo app you can create your own playdates under the "For Moms" tab.Play dates are a great way to meet local moms face to face. You can arrange or find play dates that are happening close to you.

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