Tips for Surviving Spring Break as a Family


While it’s wonderful to have precious time together as a family, total family togetherness for a week of Spring Break can be trying on adults and kids, too. The trick to keeping everyone in the family happy during Spring Break is to hire a babysitter to entertain the kids and to give you an occasional break. Luckily, whether you’re spending the week at home or hitting the road with your family, there are several ways a sitter can help.


Hiring a Sitter for Your Staycation

If a family get-away is not in your plans this spring, rest assured that you can still give your kids an enjoyable, fun-filled week away from school. Here are a few ways a babysitter can help:

  • Many parents who have an infant and older kids, find it helpful to hire a sitter to stay with the baby while he naps so they can spend some quality time with the older siblings, or the flip side – they hire a sitter to take the big kids somewhere fun, while getting things done at home while the baby’s asleep.
  • What happens when not everyone in the family is on break? If you’re working or have a preschooler with a different school vacation schedule, for instance, think of a babysitter as your logistical savior. Some sitters will happily take on the responsibility of school or activity pickups and drop offs. Besides checking their driver’s license and driving record, make sure you carefully convey schedules and routes, and ensure that they can properly install your child’s car seat. 
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a vacation from work, it’s wonderful to have time to enjoy your kids, but it’s likely you have a few other things you’d like to do with your time, too. Hire a babysitter to play with the kids while you entertain visiting friends and family, take care of spring cleaning or tackle a DIY home project you’ve been itching to get to (turning the baby’s room into a big kid room, giving a room a fresh coat of paint, or  sorting and organizing the clothes that your kids are outgrowing at rapid pace). 

    Relying on a Sitter for Your Family Vacation

    Sharing childcare duties with a babysitter on your family vacation can be wonderfully liberating and helpful, eliminating the stress that often accompanies travel with young kids and allowing you to take full advantage of your time away. A babysitter can provide an extra set of hands and help entertain the kids while you and your spouse or other adults enjoy time alone. Just think – you can have dinner later than 5 pm; read a book or take a nap, poolside; play a game of tennis; or sneak off to the spa. Sold on the help but not sure how to pull it off? You have a few options:

    • Invite a family member, such as a helpful grandparent or niece who also happens to be on Spring Break, to join you. Be sure to discuss if and how much she will be compensated; whether you will cover her travel expenses; where she will stay; and how much time you need her to spend with the kids.
    • Ask your family’s regular babysitter or nanny to travel with you. Again, be sure to have a frank and thorough conversation that includes how much she will be paid, where she will stay, when she is expected to work and how much free time she will have. Open communication is key before traveling together!
    • Find a new sitter at your destination by asking a hotel concierge for a recommendation, contacting a local babysitting agency, leveraging your alumni network, or asking your college-age babysitter if she has friends from your destination spot who may be home for Spring Break and willing to earn extra money babysitting.   
    • Depend on reliable online services that connect families with babysitters, such as UrbanSitter, to quickly and easily find a reliable, trusted sitter at your destination who is just right for the job, be it an evening, an afternoon at the pool or a regular gig scheduled throughout the week.

      Whether you spend Spring Break at home or away, it’s bound to be an enjoyable time with your family, and likely relaxing, too, if you have a bit of help!

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