7 Tips for the Walking Grandma

Senior Women Walking
Senior Women Walking. Yellow Dog Productions/Photodisc/Getty

Walking is a very popular activity for women reaching the grandmother years. The body changes of menopause can bring on a concern about maintaining fitness, losing weight, and keeping bone density high through weight-bearing exercise such as walking.

Walking: The Miracle Cure: Walking has many health benefits to reduce the risk of the major causes of death: heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes. It can also reduce risk of gall bladder disease, glaucoma, and other ailments.

Walking is associated with living longer and healthier in studies of twins and large population samples.

Health authorities say walking for 30 minutes to an hour a day can keep you healthier and happier as you age. It's great for managing arthritis and diabetes and strengthening your bones.

Walking also can keep you connected to your family.

  • Be a Walking Role Model: Set a good example of maintaining an active healthy lifestyle so your adult children and grandchildren will expect that they should also exercise throughout life. Motivate yourself to walk by wearing a fitness band or pedometer, joining a walking club or group, and making walking part of your travels.
  • Make Walking a Family Event: Make special walking get-togethers for the whole family. Go on the tulip walk, the iris walk, a walk through an area with waterfalls, involve all generations of your family. Walk Finder - locate fun walking events
  • Keep Your Body in Tune: Get regular physical exams and discuss any health difficulties openly and frankly with your health care provider. Early diagnosis and treatment can keep a minor health problem from growing into a disabling one. Get your regular health screenings and immunizations. Be a health role model for your family.
  • Don't Let Embarrassing Problems Stop You: If you are affected by bladder control problems or other nuisances, discuss this with your health care provider as there are many excellent treatments and products available today so it doesn't have to affect your active lifestyle. Sensitive Subjects for Walkers
  • Become a Family Team: Enter a relay race as a family, such as the Portland-to-Coast Walk, or enter a charity walk together. Wear matching t-shirts and make a fun day of it. You'll make memories your children and grandchildren will cherish.
  • Walk With the Young Ones: Take a child for a walk - grandchild, nieces and nephews and their children. Show them how much fun it is to go walking. See the world through their young eyes. Walking With Children
  • Walking Vacations: If you have never taken the opportunity to travel, do it now while you can enjoy seeing it on foot. Trek in the Himalayas. Take a photo safari in Africa. Hike from hut to hut in the Alps. Enjoy the benefits of a life of hard work and staying healthy and active. Walking Tours and Walking Vacations

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