Twin Pregnancy Hacks - Tips for Twin Pregnancy

Tips for Surviving Twin Pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy Hacks
Try these hacks for surviving twin pregnancy. More Pixels / E+ / Getty Images

A twin pregnancy is full of ups and downs. You're ecstatic; you're terrified. You're expanding in every direction. You can't wait for your babies to arrive, but you don't want them to come too early.  Some pregnancy symptoms are doubled in intensity. Every part of your body is committed to the hard work of nurturing not one, but TWO babies During this special time, there is plenty to do to get your home and family ready to welcome two additional members. All while you're coping with aches and pains, swelling and strain, fatigue and sleeplessness. Well, here are some tips to help you through the home stretch and get you ready for your new arrivals. 

Twin Pregnancy Tip - Get Ready Early

Twins Tip - Get Ready for Twins Early
Don't delay in getting ready for twins. Tetra Images / Getty Images

Laurie, a mom of twins, offers this suggestion about preparing for twins. "We got a ton of 'stuff' for my twins' shower that needed to be assembled -- swings, bouncy seats, strollers, etc. My best friend, who has triplets, told me to take one thing a day and put it together. It helped to pass the time when I was home by myself on maternity leave and it helped to build the excitement of the babies coming. Put all of it together early because there will be no time when the babies get here!"

Laurie's advice makes a lot of sense. Many twins are born early, and some moms spend the latter weeks of their pregnancy on bed rest or even in the hospital, so the last trimester of a twin pregnancy can be truncated. Don't get caught short because you're pregnancy is cut short. Prepare for twins earlier in pregnancy. 

Twin Pregnancy Tip - Join the Club

Twins Tip - Join a Twins Club
Find support with other parents of twins by joining a twins club. Paul Bradbury / Caiaimage / Getty Images

  When you're pregnant with twins, you need the advice and support of other families who know what you're dealing with. You can find that in a local chapter of a parents of multiples club. Aside from information, social activities, and camaraderie, these organizations offer another huge benefit; most organize some kind of clothing and equipment sale where you can find all kinds of treasures for your twins at bargain prices. Find out more about how to join a multiples club. 

Twin Pregnancy Tip - Shop Outside the Box for Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes for Moms of Twins
Expand your maternity wardrobe options when you're having twins. Rieke Peleikis / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Pregnant mothers of multiples may find that they quickly outgrow traditional maternity clothing options. You barely have time to wear an outfit once or twice before it no longer fits. Instead of maternity clothing, check out discount department stores like K-Mart and Walmart for plus size clothing. T-shirts, stretch pants and shorts in "X" sizes may provide more comfortable options at a budget price. They may not win any fashion awards, but they'll help you extend your wardrobe as your belly expands without breaking the bank.

Twin Pregnancy Tip - Sleep Solutions

Twins Tip - Twin Pregnancy Sleep Solutions
Get creative to get comfortable when you're pregnant with twins. Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

There's nothing worse than being exhausted during twin pregnancy, but simultaneously plagued by insomnia due to discomfort. As your belly expands to a certain size, it can be impossible to get comfortable when you're laying down. You may have to get creative with your sleep positions. Use pillows to prop you up when you need support, or invest in a full-length body pillow. If getting in and out of bed is cumbersome, seek out alternative sleeping locations; some moms find a power recline with a foot rest to be a good solution. Try these additional pregnancy sleep solutions contributed by moms of twins. 

Twin Pregnancy Tips - Organize Help

Twins Tip - Organize Help for Newborn Twins
Before your twins arrive, organize helpers for when you have your hands full. Peter Sherrard / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images

 With twins, you're already outnumbered. Even if you're a superwoman, you're going to need an extra set of hands now and then. Take advantage of every offer of help that comes along. . But not all help is actually helpful, which is why it is beneficial to start organizing helpers before the babies arrive, when you still have control of the chaos. (Remember Tip #1? Don't put it off until it's too late!) Be very specific in your requests, and prioritize the areas where you need the most assistance. Some people have trouble asking for and accepting help from others, and if that's the case, designate one trusted friend or family member to delegate for you. Here are some more strategies for seeking help with twins

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