5 Tips for Kids to Deal With the Holiday Sugar Overload

5 Tips to Deal with the Holiday Sugar Overload

The holidays bring exciting events and happy gatherings… and lots of rich, sugary foods. And while we can’t control all of the holiday food, there are plenty of strategies to keep our kids eating well and staying healthy during the holiday season.

Here are a few tips to help us focus on the healthy fun this holiday season.

1. Keep things healthy at home.

This is the time of year to really buckle down on offering plenty of healthy choices.

We know that the outside environment is less healthy, and full of sugar this time of year, so keep it healthy at home. Here are a few to keep in mind this holiday season:

  • Don’t skip meals. Planning is key during the busy holiday season. Use your slow cooker if the day is a busy one, or keep it simple with some quick meals
  • Focus on fruits as your dessert of choice, clementines are in season and perfect for little hands to peel. 
  • Keep fruits and veggies washed, cut up, and on hand for a quick, healthy snack.
  • Make sure your kids have some down time scheduled in and are getting plenty of rest.

2. Find ways to be active.

For most of us, the colder weather tends to keep us inside more. But a little effort to bundle up the littles is worth the extra energy they burn. Playing in the snow, taking a quick walk around the block, or finding an ice rink will help their little bodies stay active and burn off some of the inevitable holiday sugar.

Make some winter memories with a snowball fight, building the best snowman ever, finding an awesome sledding hill, or even a snow cave if the white stuff really piles up. There are plenty of opportunities to during the winter months, it just takes a little more preparation! Or if the weather is just too severe, find ways to keep your kids moving.

Obstacles courses, a game of Simon Says, dance parties, and hide and seek are just a few ideas to stay active inside.

3. Healthy snack before the party.

One of the best ways to keep your littles from binging on party food is to make sure their tummies are full before they hit the buffet. Have a healthy snack at home before you head to the party. Sure they will probably still eat a few treats, but at least they won’t be starving. Then they can focus on the activities, rather than the fun food.

4. Bring your own healthy treats to the party.

We might not be able to control everything on the buffet table, but we can provide a few of our own child’s favorite healthy snacks. The other parents will probably be grateful when they see the plate of colorful strawberries and kiwis (keeping with the holiday color theme of course). A basket of clementines would be another great addition to any buffet.

5. Be a quitter.

Don’t feel like you have (or encourage your child) to finish every bite of that dessert or that plate of cookies from the neighbor. Once you’ve had a nice taste, you aren’t obligated to finish the rest. (Of course, if you are serving yourself, just dish up a small serving.) The phrase, “It can go to waste or it can go to your waist” applies here.

This holiday season can be full of great memories and great food. Just be sure to follow some of these tips to help your holiday season stay healthy.

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