5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organized
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The kitchen… it's where the magic happens. It’s also where the mess happens! When life gets busy, are you able to keep it together, or does your kitchen look like a scene out of the movie Twister? I’m Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, and I have five tips to help keep your kitchen organized!

Clean Up As You Cook

Don't wait until after the meal to clean every last dish and plate. Make a habit of cleaning as you cook, and your life will become so much easier!

Now, I'm not suggesting you caramelize onions with one hand and scrub pots and pans with the other. But there are often natural breaks within recipes when you can wash a few dishes. For example, let’s say you're making some mini meatloaves. While those tasty treats bake, wash the skillet and spatula used to brown the veggies, as well as your mixing bowl. And put away extra ingredients at any chance you get.

Not only will this make the clean-up process less daunting, it'll also save you time. I make it a rule to never go to bed until my kitchen is fully clean. No one wants to wake up to a stinky pile of dishes... 

Keep Your Counters Clear

A crowded counter can be totally overwhelming. Plus, you need space to prep your food! There are countless kitchen wonders to help you maximize space and keep your work space clear. Let’s hear it for magnets; they can pull all sorts of items off your counters.

Buy a magnetic bar to hold your knives; no need for a bulky knife block. And stock up on magnetic spice containers, which you can stick right to your fridge. Also, look to the walls and even the ceiling to hang storage devices. Attach hooks to the wall to hold towels, utensils, and potholders. Look for hanging fruit bowls as well as pot racks.

These are stylish and functional! Double score. 

Keep Necessities Within Reach

Certain ingredients are complete staples: salt, pepper, cooking spray, etc. Keep these essentials nearby so that you have easy access to them when you cook. You're also more likely to put them away promptly if their usual storage place doesn't require you to pull out a step stool and access a high shelf!

I’m a huge fan of zucchini noodles, so I keep my vegetable spiralizer in a drawer right next to my stove. Also in that drawer? A basic spatula and a cutting board, plus a marker and tape for labeling. More on that below!

Label, Label, Label!

Your kitchen shouldn’t be a mystery zone. If you use containers that aren't clear, label them with what’s inside. And to avoid science experiments growing inside your refrigerator, label perishable goods with the date that you open them. This will also keep your freezer in order! Once a week, go through your fridge for a clean-out. Do the same for your freezer once a month.

Organize Your Pantry by Food Items and Use

This will make food prep a breeze! If you're a dessert diva, have a designated shelf for baking ingredients. If you're a soup-a star, keep your broth and beans in the same place.

See where I’m going with this? This rule also applies to your refrigerator. By having specific areas assigned to certain food groups, you’ll never lose track of what you have on hand. Bonus: Keep cut-up veggies and fruits front and center, and you may actually trick yourself into losing weight.

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