Exercise Motivation For People Who Hate to Work Out

5 tips to help non-exercisers burn enough calories to lose weight

exercise motivation for newbies
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Do you need motivation to exercise? If you're like me, you hate to work out. I know the feeling. Your feet are tired after a long day at work and all you want to do is sit on the sofa and turn on your favorite TV show.

But then you get that little voice in your head that reminds you that you need to exercise if you want to lose weight. These tips will give you a boost that will turn your quality couch time into time well spent!

Exercise Motivation for Non-Exercisers

No one likes to do things that they aren't good at. If you aren't comfortable at the gym, if you feel out of shape, or if you don't like the way your body looks in workout apparel, you're not likely to get excited when it's time to sweat. I understand. So I've come up with these tricky motivational tips to help you (and me) burn the right number of calories for effective weight loss.

  1. Focus on the after glow
    If you're not in the mood to exercise, think about how great you’ll look and feel after working out. If you’re feeling down or sluggish, don’t convince yourself that exercising will sap your energy. A good workout can do just the opposite.You’ll actually feel more energized following a workout, even if you're feeling tired beforehand. Plus, exercising is a great way to chase away the blues, even if it’s just a simple walk.
  2. Cheat yourself out of guilt
    You know that you'll feel guilty if you skip your workout session. Don't give in and let regret get the best of you. Nip guilt in the bud and get your workout done. Even if the exercise session is short, something is always better than nothing. There will be no reason to beat yourself up later if you take just a few steps in the right direction now.
  1. Get all dressed up
    Instead of changing into a tee shirt and jeans when you get home from work, go ahead and put on your exercise clothes. In fact, you can even take this important step before you leave the office. You’ll be less likely to skip your workout if you’re already dressed out for it. And if your workout clothes make you feel bad, invest in a new outfit. Compression gear is especially great if you're overweight because it makes your body look sleek and tight. You may even feel stronger and more energized during your workout.
  1. Get a jolt of java
    Do you often find that you are too tired at the end of the workday to even consider a trip to the gym? Don't give in to fatigue! Instead, head to the nearest vending machine or coffee shop and help yourself to a cup of black coffee or even a diet soda. Caffeine can give you a boost of energy and the bonus is that it will even increase your metabolism for a short time. Be cautious with this tip, though. If you find that you get less sleep because of the late day java, then find a different motivational strategy to follow. Next day fatigue will derail future workouts.
  2. Bargain with yourself
    So what happens if you've tried everything and you just can't motivate yourself to step on that treadmill? Your last ditch effort involves bargaining. Make yourself a deal. Commit to walking for just 10 minutes before calling it quits. You can always do ten minutes of exercise. But I can almost guarantee you that once those ten minutes are up and your juices have gotten flowing, you’ll feel so much better that you’ll stay the duration of your workout. This tip has never failed me!

Remember that exercise is essential if you want to change the way your body looks and feels. You don't have to sweat to the point of exhaustion every day.

But if you can find the exercise motivation to do just a few minutes of activity each day, you'll notice that the habit becomes addicting and it becomes a part of your enjoyable daily routine.

*Edited by Malia Frey, About.com Weight Loss Expert

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