To Buy Two? Parent's Poll

Buying Baby Equipment for Twins: To Buy Two?

Double babies means double stuff, right? Not necessarily! Parents of twins and multiples weigh in on this picture poll about baby equipment. Should you buy one or two?

Cribs for Twins

Twin Crib from TwinThings
Wicker Twin Crib from TwinThings. Photo reprinted with permission of TwinThings.

Where the babies will sleep is one of the first big issues that parents will confront. There are many options for baby twins, and a wide range of parental preferences.

    Initially, many parents find that they don't need more than one crib. In fact, many don't even use cribs at all at first, preferring the cozy confines of a basinette or co-sleeping with their babies. However, the time may come when sharing a crib space can be an obstacle to efficient sleep.

    Baby Monitor

    Baby monitor for twins
    How many baby monitors for twins?. Collection:Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

    With extra babies, you'll need extra help to keep tabs on them. Baby monitors can help, letting you hear - and sometimes see - what's going on in another part of the house. Will one do? Or do you need two?


    Messenger Diaper Bag from Lands End
    Messenger Diaper Bag from Lands End. Photo courtesy of

    There's plenty of baby stuff that goes with you when you're out and about. Will it all fit in one bag? Or do you need one for each baby?

      If you're going to get by with one bag, it's important to buy one that's sufficient for the extra supplies required for multiple babies, so choose carefully. However, if your budget affords it, multiple bags may give you more flexibility and allow you to match the bag to the season or type of activity.


      Bouncy Seats

      Meg Peters and Arthur Peters
      3 month old fraternal twins, Meg Peters and Arthur Peters. Photo reprinted with permission of Happy Babies.

      Bouncy seats offer a place to contain babies while your hands are busy. Some offer soothing motion, music or activity centers.

      Some parents make use of bouncy seats for naptime, feedings and playtime, while others just don't see a need for them.

      Pack-n-Play or Portable Crib

      Natalie Lynn and Samantha Jo
      12 month old twins, Natalie Lynn and Samantha Jo. Photo reprinted with permission of Jamie Oakes.

      The answer to this poll may depend on how you answered the poll about the number of cribs. Some families make use of a pack-n-play or portable crib as an alternative to buying two cribs. What about you?

        Exersaucer or Activity Center

        Ethan and Elijah
        Fraternal twins, Ethan and Elijah. (age unknown). Photo reprinted with permission of Kimberly Murdock.

        Toys that stimulate and entertain babies can be an important tool for enhancing their cognitive and physical development. But how many do you need? 

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