How to Stay on a Diet at Home, Work and Vacation

Learn how to stay focused on a diet

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There is no magical way to be sure that you will stay on a diet. In fact, it can often seem like the world conspires against your weight loss success. There is a tempting food trap around every corner that makes you want to ditch your diet and load up on calories. But you can learn to stick to your diet. These simple tricks can help you stay on your diet at home, at work, and on vacation.

How to Stay on Your Diet at the Office

The workplace can be a diet disaster.

But there are a few simple ways to manage cravings and temptation when you're on the job.

  • Avoid the vending machine when you're stressed out. Instead, stock your own snack supply in your drawer or make it a team effort with other healthy coworkers to bring in healthy snacks in bulk-size boxes. Then share them as needed when you feel a craving to indulge in junk food
  • Have a backup emergency meal ready to go. It's also important to be prepared if your work schedule affects your meal plans. Have a back-up breakfast if your morning is too rushed or a healthy lunch option if you can't get away for your afternoon meal.

More tips to turn your workspace into a healthy place to lose weight:

How to Stay on Your Diet at Home

Home is where you prepare the food you eat, which is a temptation in and of itself!

So how do you eat less when you're cooking? Keep the munchies at bay by chewing gum. You can also have a small snack to curb your hunger before you start your healthy meal preparation. Then, take active steps to eat less at night by assigning someone else to kitchen clean up and making sure that you don't overeat in front of the TV.


To eat less at home, you may also want to address emotional eating, prevent weekend weight gain that happens when you overeat, and create habits that make weight loss easier.

You can also set up your home to be diet-friendly.

How to Stay on Your Diet on Vacation

How often do you overeat when you're on a car trip? Monotony is often a trigger for boredom that can lead you to stop at a gas station or fast food eatery for junk food. Instead, pack your own healthy snack in advance or stop at a grocery store for healthy choices on the road.

And once you're at your destination, it's easy to overeat at restaurants or at family dinners or parties with friends. If you're off your regular exercise routine, that can spell diet disaster. Use these smart tips to keep your program on track.

And if all else fails and you gain a few pounds on the road, use my 3-day detox diet to get your weight loss program on track, so you stay on your diet and reach your goal weight.

*Edited by Malia Frey, Weight Loss Expert

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