Toddler Walkers

Toys That Help Toddlers Learning to Walk

These toddler walkers are designed to help your toddler learn to pull up and to give increased stability when learning to walk. At the same time, these toddler toys give your child freedom of movement and a boost in confidence so that she can practice emerging skills like balance and coordination. The walkers on this list should not be confused with baby walkers that, while a source of entertainment for your baby, can actually present a hindrance to walking.

Step 2 Walker Wagon with Blocks

Walker Wagon with Blocks
Walker Wagon with Blocks. Photo © PriceGrabber
This walker is incredibly stable, probably due to its large size. It's one of the biggest on this list. It comes with 16 foam blocks and plenty of room to carry them. It's so big, it's got room for that, dolls, cars and anything else your toddler might want to carry. (Look out, kitty.) It doesn't come with a lot of extras, which is just fine. This open-endedness means it lends itself well to imaginative play like shopping and building. Bonus: This walker is one of many Step 2 products that are made in America. Buy from Amazon »

Hasbro Playskool Step Start Walk 'n Ride

Step Start Walk 'n Ride
Step Start Walk 'n Ride. Photo © PriceGrabber
Generally, because I'm a frugal parent and because these economic times call for it, I'm a fan of any product that does double duty. Sometimes, however, the execution of those products falls flat. You end up with either a product that does one thing well and another thing not at all or it does two things half-heartedly. Not this toy. I'd say it even does triple duty. It has enough bells and whistles to entertain even babies who aren't pulling up yet. (They'll love the packing the little trunk with their hoard.) It is quite stable and doesn't easily tip over for those learning to pull up. It doesn't roll out from under those toddlers who haven't mastered walking and it converts into a riding toy once they do. Buy from Amazon »

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Classic Walker Wagon
Classic Walker Wagon. Photo © PriceGrabber
This wagon has been on the market for over 25 years, demonstrating its status as a classic toddler toy. When it comes to having a steady roll, it's the best on this list. It provides just the right amount of resistance for inexperienced walkers. It has huge carrying capacity and unlike other walkers on this list, the wheels are just right for longer outdoor strolls. Buy from Amazon »

Haba Walker Wagon

Walker Wagon
Walker Wagon. Photo © PriceGrabber
The Haba Walker Wagon is a must for parents who love simple, clean design in their children's toys. It's made of wood and has a little seat for your child's dolls and things. Don't be surprised either if it becomes the favorite toy of a pair of siblings as they take turns pushing each other around the house in it. It's a bit on the pricey side but it's definitely something that could be passed on to your grandchildren or sold at a consignment store. Buy from Amazon »

Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy

Alligator Push Toy
Alligator Push Toy. Photo © PriceGrabber
The best part about this toy: The wonderfully amusing clacking noise the alligators make as your adorable toddler pushes it around the house. The worst part about this toy: The incredibly nerve-wracking clacking noise the alligators make as your toddler torments you with one more go around the living room. Seriously, though, this is a toy that your toddler will love but you just might not. Consider your threshold for repetitive sounds before you buy. Another issue with this toy is that at 6 pounds, it's the lightest walker on this list and not necessarily the best if your baby isn't pulling up yet. If she's been pulling up a while and is already taking a few steps, this will offer plenty of support, however. Buy from Amazon »

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