Top Ten Activities for Indoor Fun with Twins/Multiples

When winter weather leaves families cooped up inside the house, parents are challenged to find ways to keep their twins and multiples occupied and entertained. Here are some ideas for indoor fun for multiples of all ages. Babies can get in the act with highchair painting and indoor sledding. And even older twins will enjoy creating indoor snowflakes or crafting portraits of their co-multiples.

Messy Mixes

blowing bubbles
Blowing bubbles. Photo (c) stock.xchng
Mix up some messy fun! You probably have the ingredients for these simple craft recipes laying around the house. These projects will easily keep multiple sets of hands busy for hours as the snow falls and the wind howls outside. Try Goop for older kids and finger painting for the younger bunch.

Get Moving!

Does the cold weather make you want to hibernate? Does it make your multiples as grumpy as hungry bear cubs? Get moving and get your groove back! Here are some high energy ideas that will lift everyone's spirits when you can't get outside for exercise.


What could be more cozy on a cold winter day that your own private indoor hideaway? Constructing an indoor fort is a great way to while away the hours on a winter afternoon. For older twins, building it is just as much fun as playing inside; all kids will enjoy the experience even more if Mom or Dad joins them inside!

Museum d'Art

Turn a snow day into a show day! Art is a wonderful way for twins and other multiples to express their individuality. Help them showcase their talents by providing materials and inspiration. You don't need a lot of fancy supplies; let kids create with junk mail, print out free coloring pages, or even paint in the snow!

Indoor Sand Box

You can't spend a day at the beach when it's minus two degrees outside! But you can give your children a similar experience indoors by creating a sandbox environment where they can dig to their hearts' content. This is an ideal activity for toddler twins at the parallel play stage.


Children never get tired of hunting for treasure -- no matter how "ordinary" the treasure may actually be. This activity does take some preparation, but you can also involve your multiples with the process to make it fun for everyone. Have your twins craft a treasure hunt for each other or organize a scavenger hunt!


Hide and Seek

Kids never tire of this classic game. Organize an indoor version at home on a wintry day.

Good Clean Fun

A warm bath feels pretty good when winter winds are howling. Get your twins or multiples involved in some good clean fun in the bathtub -- they'll get cleaned up and have fun at the same time. Certainly, you'll want to supervise tub play for safety, but they'll have so much fun, you might even want to get in on the act!

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is likely the warmest place in the house on a cold day; spend some time with your twins or multiples creating warm winter treats like Hot Cocoa or cold concoctions like Snow Ice Cream. Plan a dinner and open your own "restaurant." Or just prepare a favorite recipe -- no matter what their age, children love to help out in the kitchen.


There's nothing like a good book. It's never too early to encourage a love of reading in children; the benefits are too numerous to be overlooked. But sometimes reading with twins or multiples can be a challenge. Try these tips for reading with twins. Need some suggestions for what to read? Try these children's books about twins and multiples.


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