Too Excited To Sleep?

The night before Christmas is often a sleepless time for us. My kids get so excited about everything that they're hyper the whole day before the holiday, and tend to spend hours, not minutes, lying in bed and trying to fall asleep the night before. This signifies a type of stress that isn't always bad, but can still take a toll on our bodies if we experience too much of it at a time: eustress.

Eustress is considered 'good stress'--it keeps us feeling alive and excited about life.

It feels good. It's the type of stress that comes with roller coasters, game nights, and the anticipation of good things. The holiday season is generally filled with eustress: parties, gifts, exciting events with family and friends. But, as with the rest of the year, too much eustress can still take a negative toll--it can sneak up on us, culminating in a feeling of being overwhelmed. (Read up on managing the stress of an exciting life.)

And as for the sleepless nights that come with anticipation of exciting things to come, I feel it, too. I find it more difficult to wind down and fall asleep when I have exciting possibilities playing and replaying themselves in my head, just like my kids. Fortunately, I have a secret weapon: sleep-promoting stress relievers! I'll share them with you, too. If you find yourself unable to sleep because you're too darn excited, or for less-fun reasons, the following tips can help you get more sleep year-round.

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