5 Tools Everyone With Social Anxiety Should Be Using

An App

Use an app to reduce your social anxiety.
Apps can be helpful for improving social anxiety. Getty / Jeffrey Coolidge

With the rise in use of mobile technology, apps are quickly becoming popular in all areas of life and mental health is no exception. The advantages of an app to help overcome social anxiety include cost-effectiveness and portability. While obviously no substitute for actual face-to-face therapy with a mental health professional, apps may be a good option for those with mild social anxiety or those looking to maintain gains made in treatment.

Some apps that you might consider include the following:

A Self-Help Book

Use a self-help book to overcome social anxiety.
A self-help book can help you grow beyond your social anxiety. Getty / Blend Images / REB Images

A variety of self-help books exist for those looking to overcome social anxiety on their own or simply develop strategies to cope after completing traditional treatment. Books range from those written by professionals for an advanced audience to lighter reads by sufferers themselves coupled with expert advice.

Below are some books you may wish to consider.

  • Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety
  • The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook
  • Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness

A Yoga Mat

Use a yoga mat when you do yoga to reduce social anxiety.
A yoga mat is essential for working on yoga poses to reduce social anxiety. Getty / Jamie Grill

Yoga is an excellent stress reliever and can be combined with mindfulness meditation to achieve a feeling of mastery over your social anxiety. A yoga mat is an essential tool for any aspiring yogi (student of yoga). While many classes may provide mats for beginners, if you plan to attend yoga regularly, it is worth investing in your own mat. Not only will you save time at the start of class, but you could also choose a mat that expresses your personality through color or patterns, which could end up being a conversation starter in one of your classes.

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A Journal

Use a journal to capture your social anxiety on a daily basis.
A journal can be used to record your daily thoughts about social anxiety. Getty / Westend61

Journaling forms a part of many types of treatment for social anxiety, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). A simple journal or notebook can help you to keep track of automatic negative thoughts, coping strategies, trigger situations, and positive affirmations. Choose a journal that reflects your personal style and that you will enjoy using to track your progress.

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Advice from Mental Health Professionals

Take full advantage of the knowledge of medical professionals.
Medical professionals can help with your social anxiety. Getty / Thomas Barwick

While not a tangible tool, advice from mental health professionals can be invaluable when you suffer with social anxiety disorder. This is not a road that you need to travel alone; the medical/mental health profession should be there to help you along the way, particularly if you suffer with severe social anxiety. Whether it involves prescribing medication, getting you access to group therapy, or suggesting a support group, the medical profession has connections to services of which you may not be aware. Be sure to tap into this important resource if you have not already!

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