6 Tools for Naming Your Baby

At one point in history naming your baby was fairly simple. There was a nearly given list of names from which you could choose a name for your baby. Maybe you named a baby after a relative, or chose a name from the Bible, but there was not a lot of diversity in names.

Flash forward a century and now you have baby name books that offer 10,000 or more baby names to read through, broken down by sex, though even that is questionable anymore. You have names coming from other cultures. Names are being made up.  And the world isn’t ending…

The trouble becomes finding your way as you navigate the maze of names, so called rules, and personal preferences of at least two people. That’s where some of the new tools for baby naming can come in very handy. Here are some of my favorites.


Newborn Baby
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The impending popularity or non-popularity of a name may be something that you consider when choosing a name for your new baby. The good news about having a lot of name wonks and data geeks hanging around is that they have come up with all sorts of tools that will help you try to figure out how popular your child’s name will be as they grow up. Some parents want to be at the forefront of a baby name, others want to be squarely in the middle. Either way, this handy tool let’s you plug in your name being considered and take a look at the trend of that name for the next so many years.



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This is one of the oldest baby name tools available on the web. I know that when I was naming my children, the book, of the same name, was a breath of fresh air in baby name books. I loved the data, I loved the names, and the combination was fun. This was also the only baby name book that even slightly interested my husband. So when they came up with this tool, it was fun to quickly look at all the data available for a name, a letter, etc. I love that you can look at names, single letters, etc. You can also look at a name for boys, girls, or both. This is great when thinking about unisex or gender swapping names for your baby.



This is a neat site that also has an app. You are presented with a series of names that you either like, ignore, or block. Then you can choose up to six names that you do like for inspiration and it presents you with more names based on the names you listed and the preferences that you have previously selected. This is also a great tool to use when choosing baby names for a sibling.



The baby name genie is fun, but simple in comparison to some of the other tools. Here you enter your last name, and are given an option to choose the sex of your baby. When you click submit you get an auto generated first and middle name to go with your last name. While the genie kept telling me I only had three wishes, I was able to click at least 20 times to refresh the name selections. Interestingly enough, some were names that I had actually chosen.



This is tool is the mack daddy of all tools. Here you can use selectors to pick how sexy, sophisticated, smart, and more adjectives that you want the name to be. You can choose the minimum and maximum number of letters or syllables. You can even dictate how popular or not the name is currently. One thing that is pretty hand is the ability to choose other characteristics like Biblical (down to which Testament), famous namesakes, etc. While this tool is free, you do need to sign up for the site to be able to use it.



This tool also requires a free sign up, but it is a really handy thing if you are trying to find names that go well with other names; a frequent example of this dilemma would be finding names that go with older sibling’s names. This is also good if you love a name but for some reason can’t quite use that name for whatever reason. This also has sliders to choose some selections like length, popularity, etc.


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