Top Anti-Aging Methods

How To Increase Your Longevity

The concept of anti-aging covers a wide array of approaches, methods and products. Let's take a moment to separate the medically sound anti-aging approaches from the ineffective (and usually expensive) ones:

Anti-Aging Through Disease Prevention

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The single best anti-aging technique has nothing to do with emerging theories of aging or "fountain of youth" therapies. The single best thing you can do to live longer and healthier is to do everything you can to prevent disease and illness.

Anti-aging isn't about living to 300 years old; it is really about living as long as possible in good health. You can do that through simple lifestyle changes and by going to see your doctor regularly. In fact, there are 6 things you can do to prevent disease and begin your anti-aging program. More

Anti-Aging Through Exercise

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Exercise is another great anti-aging tool, and not simply because it helps fight off disease. Exercise can actually make your DNA younger. People who exercise more have healthier, younger cells. To me, that is simply amazing and a huge motivator to exercise on a low-energy day. Besides the anti-aging benefits, of course, exercise brings with it a host of other benefits that make your quality of life simply better. More

Anti-Aging Through Food

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Anti-aging depends on your body having the correct "raw materials" to repair damage and make sure everything is working right. Eating a solid variety of healthy foods gives those "raw materials" (also known as antioxidants) to your body. Further, avoiding the unhealthy foods means you body has less "clean up" work to do and can focus on keeping your cells, tissues and organs in their best working order. More

Anti-Aging Skin Care

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Anti-aging skin care is a market measured in the hundreds of millions (if not more). These anti-aging products promise the return of youthful skin (and everything that promise implies). There is nothing wrong with wanting to extend your anti-aging goals to your appearance - after all that is part of who you are. There is something wrong with the dubious, unproven and expensive claims that most of these products make. Find out which products (if any) can actually help prevent skin aging.  

Your Brain and Anti-Aging

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Of all the anti-aging methods, methods to protect memories and our thinking ability are, perhaps, the most important to many people. Without memory we lose connection to the people we love as well as lose a sense of who we are. Without a sharp brain, we become too easily confused and the world changes for us. Luckily, brain fitness and brain anti-aging is a growing market. There are lots of legitimate researchers exploring brain anti-aging and keeping the brain healthy.

There are also lots (I mean lots) of people trying to make a buck by selling you the latest "brain anti-aging" product. You should be cautious, but also on the look out for the real methods to keep your brain young and your memories sharp. More

Anti-Aging Hormones and Supplements

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An anti-aging pill would be wonderful. Just imagine, you go into the doctor and you take a pill (or get a shot) and you feel years younger, stronger. That is what many doctors who prescribe hormone replacement therapy and other supplements want you to think. Don't get me wrong, if you have a legitimate hormone deficiency, these treatments are fantastic; there's just not a lot of evidence that taking extra makes a difference. More

Anti-Aging Through Sleep

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My personal favorite anti-aging method is sleep. Getting enough sleep has been linked to preventing chronic illness and even living longer. What a delicious way to create anti-aging and just feel great. Make sleep an important part of your life, don't steal from your sleep to do other things and you will be feeling good and living longer. More

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