What Are the Best Baby Bottles?

Learn what to look for and how to choose a bottle

Baby bottles can be used in a variety of ways, from feeding to storing expressed breast milk. But the key is that how you use the bottles will help determine which bottle is right for you and your baby. Though there are also babies who do well with one bottle and not another. Things you may need to take into consideration include:

  • Does my baby have any issues with spitting up?
  • Has my baby been diagnosed with reflux?
  • Who will be feeding my baby?
  • How many parts does this baby bottle have and is too complicated or time consuming?
  • Will this bottle meet my life style needs?

A good bottle can help prevent stomach upset and other problems associated with bottles. But it may have extra parts that make it more difficult to use or extra parts that may be easier to lose. This can be frustrating.

You may also have a baby who is only given bottles when away from home. Then perhaps a disposable bottle would be more helpful to avoid the lost bottle in the diaper bag that smells oh-so-badly after a few days of going undiscovered.

Learn more before you buy bottles, including which bottles are polycarbonate-free, and bisphenol-A (BPA) free.


This bottle is the best bet, particularly for breastfeeding moms who need to use bottles. This bottles has a unique air flow system that has been proven to help prevent gas pain associated with bottle feeding. These bottles also have a separate adapter kit available allowing you to attach the bottle directly to a breast pump. Comes with a variety of nipple sizes based on age, 4 oz. and 9 oz. bottles, and disposable and reusable. They come in wide mouth only.


The Milk Bank Baby Bottles are a great vented systems with fewer parts to allow your baby to eat without getting painful gas or colic. The wide nipple helps baby to go from the breast and back easily. The are BPA free and offer a variety of nipple stages.


These bottles also help prevent gas pain, burping and spitting up by preventing the formation of a vacuum within the bottle. They also have the ability to connect directly to a breast pump for ease of use. They have easy to read numbers for accuracy of measurements. Available in wide or regular neck. They are also available in glass bottles in some locations. They are available in polypropylene or glass.


These glass bottles by Evenflo are great for storing breast milk or for when you worry about the chemicals that can be found in some plastics. They have a variety of nipples and accessories available to ease with feeding and pumping.


The Adiri Nurser is a new twist on the baby bottle. This bottle is polycarbonate-free and bisphenol-A (BPA) free, but is not glass. The nearly one piece system allows you to fill and feed easily, from the base of the nurser. The breast like shape supposedly help babies who nurse go back and forth with ease. The new design als has improved some of the issues with the previous model, the breast bottle, with leaking.


These bottles have similar attributes of other bottles and bills itself as bubble free, but this angled neck bottle opens from the top or bottom. This can aid in cleaning your bottles. They also offer a variety of nipples to go with the system. There are also a variety of colors to choose form in this line. Some also offer prints.


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