Baby Safety Products

The thought of baby proofing never occured to my grandparents. Even my own mother was minimally aware of things she could do around the house to help keep us safe. I'm mean, heck, there weren't even car seats when I was growing up. Today's parents know a lot about baby safety and there are a host of products out to help them child proof their home and make it a place that is safe for their baby to grow up in.

Outlet Plugs

These are the simple plug in kind of safety plugs for outlets around your house. They fit in two or three pronged outlets even though they have only two prongs. You can get them in clear or white, depending on your preference. The pull tab makes it difficult for little kids to remove them, which could be a safety hazard. The key here is for the safety plug to blend in and not attract attention. These are perfect for grandma's house.

Floating Safety Bath Pal

These fun, floating bath pals are also thermometers. This will tell you how hot your baby's bath is in reality. I personally like hot baths and don't have a good personal sense of how hot is too hot. These have been a life saver both to teach me about temperature as well as well as prevent the baby from being scalded. As your child gets older it also doubles as a fun bath toy.

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Window Blind Cord Wrap Ups

The cord that controls your window blinds can be very dangerous for your baby. To prevent strangulation from these cords, use the wrap ups to wrap the cord up into a disk to keep your baby and toddler out of the cord.

Cabinet Locks

These flexible locks make securing your cabinets very easy. It can be used in the kitchen or bathroom, basically anywhere you have cabinets. This helps keep potentially danger products away from your baby.

Drawer Latches

Do you have drawers that your baby will eventually be able to reach? These latches help prevent baby from getting into places he or she shouldn't be. These are installed with a screwdriver but allow you to easily access the contents.

Toilet Lock

This handy lock helps you secure the toilet so that your baby doesn't play in the potty, flush inappriate items or drown.

Cord Shortener

These are handy for winding up excess cords where ever you have them. This can prevent you from tripping while carrying baby as well as from baby pulling something over on themselves when older.

Table Edge Bumper

This easily slips on your table with sharp edges preventing bruises and cuts from falling babies.

Bi-Fold Door Lock

If you have bi-fold doors, you'll want to prevent little fingers from getting pinched. These work very easily.

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