Top 10 Best Condom Apps

As we become more reliant on technology, useful phone apps are more important than ever. Given the popularity of birth control apps, sex apps, and fertility apps, it would only make sense that condoms apps are in demand as well. After doing some exhaustive searches, it is my pleasure to present my list of the best condom apps.

Keep in mind, even though these condom apps can be useful, these condom apps are intended recreational or informational use. Where applicable, these apps should do not take the place of talking to your doctor. Also, most of these condom apps have an age restriction, so in order to download them, you may have to be a certain age.


Trojan Condom App. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

Price: FREE

Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices

TROJAN app was created as a way to your “sexpertise.” This app can provide you with information and condom tips. It also allows you to privately discover the complete line of Trojan condoms, vibrators and personal lubricants as well shop for these products. This condom app includes a condom selection tool and a cool vibrator simulator that mimics the pulses from some of Trojan’s popular vibrators by using your phone’s vibration mode. Additional features of this condom app include:

  • A fun sex and condom trivia game. 
  • Pleasure tips for couples and facts from the Trojan library. 
  • Access to articles about condom use and how to use a condom.
  • Weekly words of wisdom shared by the “TROJAN Man.”
  • Notifications about special offers and TROJAN events.

Download TROJAN for: iOS

Condom Size

Condom Size App
Condom Size App. Photo Courtesy of iPhone

Price: $0.99
Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices

The Condom Size app claims that its main goal is to help you determine an accurate measurement of your penis size (both width and length). The idea behind this app is to decrease condom failure by helping you choose a condom that is the correct size for you. It helps you measure your penis using a digital measuring tape and then, based on the measurements, it recommends a condom brand as well as provides you with a ranking (in case you are wondering how you compare to other males around the world). Additional features of this condom app include:

  • Provides you with a condom size chart (that includes over 30 types of condoms). 
  • Tips about condom use. 
  • Condom “fun” facts.

Download Condom Size for: iOS or Android


iCondom App
iCondom App. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

Price: FREE
Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad

MTV Staying Alive has partnered with iCondom to release the iCondom app, with the mission to create the world's largest condom distribution map for iPhone (the first user-generated map of its kind). This condom app was created to help fight and prevent the transmission of STIs like HIV and AIDS. iCondom is the only international app for iPhone that can locate condom dispensers nearest to you, as well as show you their locations on a map. Additional features of this condom app include:

  • Being able to rate and comment on condom dispensers (e.g., if the machine is out of order or out of stock), so that others can have up-to-date information on the quality of the condom dispenser.
  • The ability to add new condom dispenser locations directly from this condom app. You can also indicate stores that sell condoms and what their operating hours are.
  • With the iCondom app, you can search (using your GPS) for the nearest place that sells condoms.

The amazing feature of this birth control app is the teamwork behind it. Much of its success will be dependent on the people who use it, since the information will be crowd-sourced (provided by you). Through everyone's contributions to the user-generated condom distribution map, iCondom hopes that this app will inspire a supportive community with the goal of getting rid of the taboo of buying condoms. The larger this map grows (with the hopes of becoming global), the more people will easily be able to find condoms and hopefully avoid the risk of catching HIV and STIs (as well as unintended pregnancy).

Download iCondom

Condom Pro

Condom Pro App
Condom Pro App. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

Price: FREE
Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Are you a condom pro? This condom app is actually a game designed to test your condom skills. The app was created because many people do not really know how to properly use a condom (even though they think they do!). Though condoms are the only birth control method to offer STI protection, if you don’t put them on the right way, it doesn’t matter how effective they can be. Additional features of this condom app include:

  • Allows you to unwrap condoms and practice putting them on and taking them off random objects, like candlesticks, popcorn, suntan lotion or flowers.
  • Teaches you how to open a condom (don't rip it!).
  • Offers useful condom information while playing.

Though Condom Pro is really just a game, people have reported that it is clever, fun to play, has great sound effects and graphics, and provides helpful information and practice.

Download Condom Pro

NYC Condom Finder

NYC Condom Finder App
NYC Condom Finder App. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

Price: FREE
Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices

The NYC Condom Finder app was created by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. This app will help you locate free condoms wherever you are in New York City. Database includes over 3,000 locations (including community centers, health clinics, neighborhood stores, tattoo parlors and barber shops) throughout all five New York boroughs. Additional features of this condom app include:

  • Suggestions of the five closest places that distribute free NYC Condoms based on your phone’s GPS.
  • Provides walking, driving, and/or subway directions each location.
  • To allow you to plan ahead, this app lets you to enter a different address (like where you are going to be later in the day) and then locates the five closest free condom distributors to that address.
  • Includes condom information about the do's and don’ts of condom use -- such as where to store condoms, which lubricants are okay to use (water-based ones like Astroglide or silicone-based lubes), and condom types (latex, polyurethane, etc.).

Download Condom Size for: iOS or Android

Kit Finder

Kit Finder Condom App
Kit Finder Condom App. Photo © 2012 Dawn Stacey

Price: FREE
Platform: Compatible with iPhone and iPad

The K!T Finder condom app helps you locate FREE K!Ts (kits with two condoms and water-based lubricant). This condom app was originally designed to target gay men. K!T Finder uses your phone’s GPS to locate and provide directions to the nearest free condom distributor. Searches yield a picture of a local map with three colored markers -- a purple marker indicates a place where you can obtain free condoms (usually distributed by your local Health Department); a green marker indicates places where you can find the official two condom K!T; and a red marker shows places (such as local clinics or community organizations) where you can obtain information about HIV or STI prevention, get condoms, or seek sexual health services. Additional features of this condom app include:

  • Provides resources for HIV testing and treatment in your area (within participating cities).
  • Connects you with websites that provide up-to-date, evidence-based information on gay men’s health.
  • Offers a ''FAQ” tab to dispel condom myths and provide answers to condom questions as well as HIV prevention.

The original version of this condom app had only Washington, DC area kit locations. Other cities are added as they join similar programs, so the K!T Finder is continually being updated with a growing number of locations.

Download Kit Finder

UCT Safe Sex

UCT Safe Sex Condom App. Photo Courtesy of Android Phone

Price: Free
Platform: Compatible with Android devices

The UCT Safe Sex app discreetly provides you with everything you need to know about using male and female condoms. The female condom works in a similar fashion as a male condom. It’s considered to be a barrier contraceptive and is available over-the-counter. In order for this to be an effective birth control method, it is crucial that you understand how to use it. Additional features of this condom app include:

Download UCT Safe Sex

Cares Community Heath Condom Finder

Cares Condom Finder App
Cares Condom Finder App. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

Price: FREE
Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices

This app is created by the Cares Community Health Condom Distribution Program. Their goal is to make condoms and sex education more accessible. Through a nationwide distribution network of organizations and businesses, Cares Community Help hopes to give away at least one million free condoms each year. This initiative is based on all the research that shows how condoms can be highly effective in lowering your chances of transmitting/contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Additional features of this condom app include:

  • Will help you locate distribution centers where you can pick-up free condoms – no questions asked.
  • The app can identify these locations by your current location or by entering a zip code.
  • Provides the names, addresses, phone numbers and directions to condom distribution centers.
  • Helps you to estimate HIV risk – this condom app (based on CDC data) can tell you, in real time, how many HIV infections there are in the US today, this week, this month and this year as well as how much time until the next person will be infected with HIV.
  • Included step-by-step instructions on how to correctly use a condom.

Download Condom Finder for: iOS or Android

Jimmy Hat Size

Jimmy Hat Size Condom App
Jimmy Hat Size Condom App. Photo Courtesy of Android Phone

Price: Free
Platform: Compatible with Android devices

If you are wearing a condom that doesn’t properly fit, you increase your chances of the condom slipping off or breaking. Plus, a poorly-fitted condom may decrease both partners’ pleasure during sex. With just a few easy steps, the Jimmy Size App will help you determine your condom size. This condom app will also offer some “jimmy hat” suggestions that you could try (depending on your location). To ensure more depth to this app (and not just one-time use), the developers incorporated a specially-formatted blog into the app that can allow you to keep up with some of the latest condom news and reviews. Additional features of this condom app include:

  • Instructions on how to take your penis measurement.
  • The Jimmy Hat Size Calculator figures out your suggested condom size based on the measurements you provide.
  • Includes useful jimmy hat tips and blog entries.
  • Includes condom size charts for both the US and Europe. New features are planned be added.

Download Jimmy Hat Finder
(As of now, the iPhone version has not passed the Apple content guidelines.)

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