The Top 10 Books Concerning Infant Sleep

These Books Provide Useful Info About Infant Sleep

Getting your baby sleeping well. It's the quest of every parent of a newborn. How do you find a good sleeping schedule for your baby that also works for you? Some babies are fussy and have colic, others nap like a dream, but wake at night. Here are what some of the experts have to say about helping your baby sleep at night.


Elizabeth Pantley, mother of four, wrote this instant classic that immediately appealed to the parents of babies everywhere, particularly if crying it out wasn't something they could bear. These tried and true methods from her personal use and the use of hundreds of others are sprinkled through out this wise book as jewels of wisdom. This book has a practical solution for every family, no matter what your beliefs are or where you and your baby sleep (crib or family bed).


This book focuses on the breastfeeding baby, but can be beneficial for all families, particularly if you are looking for well researched information on sharing sleep with your baby. This book looks at how sleep changes throughout the baby's first year and beyond, addressing issues of growth spurts, naps, long nights, and more.


Ann Douglas knows babies. In her well-known and loved manner, she helps you find the solutions to get your baby or older child sleeping well.


While this topic is mainly about babies, there are those still having sleep issue with slightly older children. This can be very scary if you're expecting a new baby in the mix. So I'll include Elizabeth Pantley's book on sleep problems in toddlers and preschoolers as well.


The book delves right into the topic of the safety of sleeping with your baby in your bed versus a crib. He discusses not only why it is safe, but the benefits to the baby and the mother of co-sleeping. He also gives a very detailed instructions list on co-sleeping safely. The diagrams are also helpful in devising a safe sleep environment for everyone. There is also a lengthy section of questions and answers including topics of adoption, how long to share sleep, sexual relations in the family bed, how to co-sleep while traveling, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and many more hot topics.


Dr. Harvey Karp and his famous five S's teach parents how to invoke the calming reflex in their newborns. This can help battle crying and colic and promote better sleep for everyone in the home. These easy to use techniques are great for anyone to use, even extended family like grandparents and child care providers.


Dr. William Sears presents his information on health sleep habits for babies and children in this book. Dr. Sears is the father of seven and pediatrician to many. His books have helped numerous families find the right solution for their families to sleep problems, including parents who define their parenting style as attachment parenting.


This blanket was a miracle! It really did help my newborns sleep better. It also made swaddling very easy. And even better, the baby's stayed swaddled.


La Leche League International puts out this classic sleep book. Dr. William Sears wrote this one as well. He talks about sleep tips for single parents, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and sleeping habits and many other sleep issues that new parents have with babies.


Tine Thevenin wrote this classic in 1987 to talk about the family bed, co-sleeping with your baby. Some families believe that this is a way to increase their sleep at night. This book discusses details of making co-sleeping work for your family.


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