Top Calf and Shin Pain Items

When you start walking for fitness or increase your pace or change your shoes, you will discover that walking gives your calves and shins a workout. You may end up with the horrible pain of shin splints, caused by working muscles that don't get exercised except through walking. These products can help you stretch, help you build up your walking muscles, and perhaps help recover from shin splints.


This stretching aid helps you get the correct alignment of the foot, ankle and leg to stretch your calves, hamstrings, Achilles tendon, and plantar fascia. This device is often used by physical therapists in their rehabilitation programs. If you aren't a physical therapist yourself, you may have trouble getting stretches right. This aid will ensure you are getting the right angle and not introducing any unwanted montion. It fits adult foot sizes up to men's size 13. Use it for gentle stretching before and after your walk.


Learn how to tape your legs and shins to give them support. This 4-way stretch tape is used by physical therapists and athletic trainers. It comes with an 82-page illustrated e-book to show you how to use taping techniques to relieve shin splints as well as problems all over your body.


This is an essential item for pain relief. Sometimes you want cold, but sometimes you want hot. You can use this wrap for either temperature range. It's often recommended that you ice your shins for 20 minutes if you feel shin splint pain. This wrap lets you ice your leg effectively without freezing your skin. You can also use it for ankle sprains to ice the injury. Switch to hot water and you can use it for warm heat later in the healing process.


A foam roller is a great way to get a deep tissue self-massage and stretch. Calf stretch on the foam roller: Learn techniques to relieve your tight calves and shins using a foam roller.


Review: Arctic East Instant Cold Wrap
No refrigerator? No problem. This instant cold wrap doesn't need it. It provides both compression and gentle cooling for hours. Just wrap it around your shin, calf or any other body part that needs cooling. Gentle evaporation cools without freezing your skin. It's reusable and extremely convenient. You can take it with you in your pack and even keep moving while it's on.


This universal cold wrap is one you store in your freezer so it's ready to use when you need it. This one has a shape that works well for icing your shins. An advantage of Cold One is that the cold units are shaped like a little ice cube tray, so they flex around the area that needs cold therapy.


Use the ankle wrap or knee wrap to ice your knee, shin, or ankle. This no-mess re-freezable wrap takes the fuss out of cold therapy. It's best to have an ankle-specific wrap as otherwise you don't end up with the cooling over all of the areas where it is needed. You can keep it in your freezer so it is ready in case you have an injury. After using it, simple return it to the freezer so it is ready for the next round of icing.


This is another type of cold wrap, using refreezable gel packs. It attaches via Velcro for gentle icing and will fit most shins and ankles. The gel packs are flexible for wrapping around the areas that need the cold therapy.


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