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Best Places for Newborns to Sleep

Where your new baby will sleep may be something you haven't give much thought to prior to now. But as you start shopping you might realize it's not the easy decision it once was. There is the traditional crib. What about the bassinet for when the baby is very small? Perhaps co-sleeping or the family bed is your style?

Many families don't realize that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that the baby sleep in your room for the first fwe months of life. This may mean that you need to buy two things for your baby to sleep in. Sometimes you may also want to get second place to sleep if your baby spends a lot of time with relatives. That's where some of the portable sleep options come in handy. Here are some of your choices...


This product is for the early weeks or for nursing moms and co-sleeping families. Have your baby in an attached crib right next to your bed to alleviate the long walks to the nursery for night time feedings. They have adjustable heights and accessories. It also eases some parents minds about co-sleeping. There are a couple of different styles, including a mini version.


These cribs tend to be shorter, but not necessarily smaller width wise. They also lack some of the finer features of a full sized crib, like adjustable mattress height. Many people love them for tight spaces or for keeping at grandma's house for overnight. These are also frequently used in a day care setting. There are not terribly portable, but they are small.


This old fashioned idea of a place for baby to sleep the first few weeks is still very popular. It's designed usually to hold babies until a certain weight or until they can roll over, typically about 3 months of age. These are great gift items and work very nicely in a downstairs area, so that you don't always have to run baby upstairs for a nap, or keep baby in your room the first weeks. This works a lot like a bassinet. You can have the travel version or the version that is more stationary.


These wooden beauties are not a thing of the past. While some families are still handing down a family heirloom, others are choosing to purchase one to start that family tradition. These are for younger babies to sleep in until they can pull up or roll over. This is the Sorelle Dondola Cradle, one of many different types of cradles. The difference between a cradle and a bassinet is that typically a cradle rocks and a bassinet is stationary. If you have someone make this for you, please be sure that it adheres to the most recent safety standards.


Your basic baby crib is a choice for the majority of families. Some families use a crib when their baby is older, after using a bassinet or smaller space, while others go straight to a crib from birth. Typically most cribs will hold a baby until he or she is about two years of age or begins to crawl out of the crib. Cribs come in many different types and styles. Remember to consider safety and space when choosing a crib that is right for your family.

Where Baby Sleeps

We also hope that baby will be a good sleeper. Having a place to put your baby where you are confident in their safety during the time they are asleep is important.


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