Door Knob Grippers for People With Arthritis

Assistive Device Designed to Help You Grip

Opening a door is an easy task for most people, but can be a difficult task for people with arthritis. There are arthritis aids designed to help grip and turn a door knob. The doorknob aid allows a person with arthritis to again open the door with ease by using leverage and securing their grip. Without a specially designed doorknob cover to compensate for weakness, lack of grip strength, and pain caused by twisting the hand -- a person with arthritis continues to have difficulty unnecessarily. There's a solution for you!

Invacare Door Knob Twisters

Invacare doorknob gripper

Doorknob grabbers are helpful devices for those who need a better grip. The doorknob grabber stretches over the existing doorknob, making it much easier to grip.

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Great Grips Door Knob Grippers

Great Grips doorknob gripper

The door gripper slips over the existing doorknob to reduce hand stress and give you a better grasp. No tools needed to install.

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Ableware Door Knob Gripper

Ableware doorknob gripper

Ableware provides a grasping aid designed to help those with arthritis of the hand or fingers or any other disability with a similar consequence. The Gripper fits over round doorknobs and outdoor water faucets. The outside is smooth and the inside is ribbed for a snug fit.

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Doorknob Gripper - Glows in the Dark

Doorknob grabber that glows in the dark.

This doorknob gripper slips over your existing door knob to provide a slip-free grasp. It also has a unique feature -- it glows in the dark.

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