Top Double Strollers

A stroller is one of the most important purchases a parent can make. You'll take your stroller on walks, to the mall, the zoo - basically everywhere you'd take your children. Your stroller choice needs to be durable and within a reasonable weight. It should also have other amenities that you choose. This choice becomes a bit more complicated when you're using the stroller for more than one child.


This stroller is a top pick for double strollers. It's got stadium seating for two. It will even hold two Graco car seats, great for twin infants! The extra large storage and snack trays are nice. For a double stroller, it's not even too bad in the weight department.


This is technically a stroller, but more of a frame that carts your car seats. This is meant to fit most car seats and folds neatly to store in the trunk.  It does not include the car seats.  There is under seat storage and a parent tray.


There are a few variations on the sit and stand stroller. It's great for an infant and a toddler combination. It can be lighter than it's double stroller counterparts.


This infant travel system also accepts the KeyFit or KeyFit30 car seats.  You can have two car seats attach or just one and use the other seat for a toddler.  This is great for expanding your family or for a twin double stroller that grows with your babies. You can use this with two infants, two toddlers or one of each, perfect for twins or a new baby being added to your family. There is a large basket for baby stuff and the read seat has a full recline.


The Bugaboo Donkey is a very amazing stroller. I'll admit to thinking I'd like two more babies, just to use it. While you have all of the amazing features of your normal Bugaboo strollers (ease of use, great fabrics, turning capability), they flexibility of this stroller was amazing. You can even turn it into a single stroller! I love that you can flip the seats forward and back, use it as a grocery cart on one side, lay one side down and not the other. This makes it perfect for twins, toddler/infant combos or even two toddlers. I'd highly recommend that you get a demonstration of this stroller or you may not know everything it can do. That said, this comes at a price. It's certainly not an inexpensive option.


This double stroller comes in orange, black or navy. The swiveling front wheel allows for easy maneuverability, but also locks forward for increased stability when jogging. This stroller will handle tough terrain for uneven rides. It folds easily and is lightweight for ease of transportation. The harness is five points and keeps your kids securely fastened. There is also a five year warranty on the frame and one year on the parts. There is an adaptor for BOB car seats.


This is an awesome, light weight stroller with a five point harness system. I'd highly recommend it for those with twins or even a newborn and an older sibling. Read more about the features of this awesome stroller.


This unique looking double stroller actually is a very neat take on stadium seating in that the second seat is actually located under the first, closer to the ground. This sleek looking stroller is great for getting around town and into small spaces. It's definitely a must see! This is a kit that adds onto the single stroller.


This side by side twin offers a really smooth ride for your kids and great handling for you too. It has handles that adjust for different heights easily. This means you can switch it up between users for every ride if needed. It does have storage, but some say it's not ideal for large diaper bags, doable, but not ideal, that you should use the stroller clips with the diaper bag. You can even lightly jog in this sturdy stroller. It comes in six colors.

There is also a car seat adapter and safety strap, bumper bars, jogging strap and cup holder. The tires are 12" air inflated with 360 degree swivel front wheel with inline locking option for those opting to jog and the seats lay back for naps. It does have the ability to hold two car seats. The oversized canopy has SPF 45 UV lining for maximum sun coverage.


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