Top 10 Fun Activities for Teens to do This Fall

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The crisp fall air brings new opportunities for family fun. As teens begin to settle into their new school year, many of them begin looking for new activities to keep them busy. Here are some ideas to keep your teen active during the fall:

1. Enter a Race

Many communities hold 5K, 10K and even marathons during this time of year. Training for a race can be a great way to stay in shape and it can give the entire family something fun to do together.

If you don’t want to participate, encourage your teen to sign up for a race and play the important role of cheerleader from the sidelines.

2. Bake Some Fall Treats

Fall is a great time to bake delicious treats. Whether you want to bake some apple-flavored goodies, like apple pie or candy apples, or you’re looking to make some recipes involving pumpkin, like pumpkin cookies or pumpkin cheesecake, there is always something fun to bake as the weather grows cooler. 

3. Learn New Crafts

There are lots of fall-related crafts that you can make for fun. If your teen wants to earn some extra money, selling crafts at a craft show can be a great learning experience. Try making soap, candles, or beaded jewelry.

4. Schedule a Family Fun Night

Lots of families want to hold family fun nights, but it just never happens. Busy schedules and a disagreement over how to spend the evening often get in the way. Invite your teen to plan a family fun night.

Let your teen choose the menu (and then cook it together) and then allow your teen to plan the activities for an evening. Play board games, watch movies, go for a walk, or suggest one of these 5 family night ideas.

5. Carve or Decorate Pumpkins

There are lots of ways to decorate pumpkins. 

6. Go Hiking

The cooler weather makes fall a great time for a hike.

Whether you are ambitious enough to climb a mountain or you’re interested in a little stroll in the woods, enjoy the crisp air, colorful foliage, and beauty of nature.

7. Build a Scarecrow

Challenge your teen to build a scarecrow and you just might get your teen to rake up the leaves without complaining. Make it a family activity where you build a scarecrow family. 

8. Volunteer

Many teens have settled into a regular routine with school, homework, and activities, and they still have plenty of time leftover. Encourage your teen to volunteer. Giving back to others in need can help boost their mood, improve their self-image, and increase their compassion for other people. Check out these volunteer ideas for teens.

9. Turn Dreams into Goals

Often, teens start with big dreams, but unless they begin to establish timelines, they won't turn those dreams into goals. Help your teen create deadlines throughout the school year to reach various milestones. Whether your teen's goal is to get accepted to college or to make the basketball team, establish a goal for each month that will be a stepping stone to turning that dream into a reality. 

Fall is the perfect time to work together to create a calendar that outlines the steps your teen can take each month to reach new goals.

Writing it down on a calendar will increase the chances your teen will get those tasks done before time slips away. Make it a fun activity that your teen enjoys working on and it can teach valuable time management skills and problem-solving skills.

10. Plan a Halloween Party

A Halloween party can be a safe and fun way for your teen to spend time with friends during the fall. Get your teen involved in planning everything from the Halloween menu to the party games and it can help your teen learn about everything from budgeting to etiquette. Check out these 10 Halloween Party ideas for teens.

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