Top 10 Gifts for the Walking Mom

So, your mom started walking five miles a day two years ago and now nobody in the family knows where the heck she is? Here are some gift ideas for the walking woman.

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta
Fitbit Alta. Courtesy of

Even if your mom has a Fitbit, does she have the model that will really keep her active? The latest is the Fitbit Alta. She can change the look from sporty to dressy with different bands. It has smart notifications and an inactivity alert in addition to tracking steps, sleep, workouts and more. All Fitbits use the same app and dashboard, so her ongoing activity history will be continuous.

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The FlipBelt

FlipBelt in Gym
FlipBelt in Gym. Courtesy of

I love the FlipBelt to wear walking and at the gym. You simply slip it on and you can tuck all of your essentials into it - keys, mobile phone, tissues, energy bar, lip balm. It even is stretchy enough to carry a water bottle if you really want one. They come in a variety of colors. I've worn mine through over a dozen half marathons. They have a new version that has a zipper pocket in addition to the continuous tuck-in pocket, plus a water bottle designed to go inside the band.

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Bytten Band Bling

Bytten - Silver Matisse Slide
Bytten - Silver Matisse Slide. Courtesy of Amazon

If Mom loves her fitness band but not the blah polymer bracelet, she can dress it up with Bytten band bling. These slide onto a Fitbit Charge or Charge HR to dress them up. Bytten has several styles, including those for Fitbit Flex.

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Homedics JetSpa

Homedics Jetspa Pedicure Spa
Homedics Jetspa Pedicure Spa. Courtesy of

After a nice long walk, a foot soak feels fabulous. Different models of foot spas have massaging bubbles, whirlpool, heat, buffing and shiatsu disks. I used to use two large ziplock bags in a plastic dishtub. That wasn't very luxurious, and needless to say there was always some spillage. I was happy to spend my holiday gift card on a foot spa!

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New Shoes

RYKA Revere Walking Shoe
RYKA Revere Walking Shoe. Courtesy of

Has your mom been given a custom shoe fitting at the best running store in her area? If she hasn't (or it's been awhile), go for a walk with her and then head to a technical running shoe store. They will fit her for the best shoes for her fitness activities and recommend insoles and other gear. If she knows what she wants, a gift certificate to Zappos, Roadrunner Sports, or REI can keep her feet happy.


Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine 640
Misfit Shine. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

A mom can wear the Shine as a pretty piece of jewelry on her wrist or a necklace or as a brooch. Meanwhile, it's tracking steps, calories, and even sleep quality. It's a great way to stay both active and stylish. Misfit also has jewelry to place the sensor into, for extra bling.

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Mio Alpha 2 - Continuous Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Mio Alpha 2
Mio Alpha 2. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The Mio Alpha is like a chest strap heart rate monitor -- it continuously reads your pulse via sensors on the back, and displays it as you workout. If your mom wants to track her heart rate accurately but hates the chest strap, this is a thoughtful gift. The Alpha 2 model connects with your existing Bluetooth smartphone fitness apps, or with any ANT+ sensors and watches, in place of a chest strap.

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Leki Nordic Walking Poles

Leki Speed Pacer Vario Poles
Leki Speed Pacer Vario Poles. Courtesy of

Nordic walking poles add upper body toning and flexibility training to your walking workout. Walking moms can burn more calories per mile while feeling no more exertion. For older moms who are starting to have stability issues, they can keep her walking with some confidence.

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Camelbak Flash Flo Hydration Waist Pack

Camelbak FlashFlo
Camelbak FlashFlo. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

Mom needs to keep drinking while she is moving. The Camelbak waist pack has a 50 ounce water reservoir - the equivalent of two water bottles. It also has a pocket for keys and essentials and is reflective for safety.

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Spa Pedicure Kit

Beauty Chic Spa Pedicure Kit
Beauty Chic Spa Pedicure Kit. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

Walking can take a toll on your feet. A home spa pedicure can make help mom stay sandal-ready even while in training for the next half marathon.

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