Top 5 Guidelines for Ordering Contacts Online

Contact lenses are medical devices that should be properly fitted and cared for to maintain healthy eyes and vision. Follow the guidelines below when ordering contact lenses online.

Continue your regular eye examinations.

eye doctor performing exam
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Annual eye examinations are important for everyone, but especially for contact lens patients. The risk of developing an eye infection increases significantly when you wear contacts. Some small infections or irritations can quickly lead to more complicated problems. Also, changes in visual acuity will greatly affect the correcting ability of your contact lenses. Your doctor will be able to spot small changes and adjust your prescription accordingly.

Double-check your order before you submit it.

To save time as well as money, check your order carefully for any typing errors or mispellings before you push the submit button. A contact lens prescription is very detailed and must be completely accurate to ensure proper correcting powers.

Ask your eye doctor before accepting a substitute lens.

Contact lenses are medical devices that are specifically tailored to fit your eyes and correct your vision. Contact lenses are made by several competeing companies, each brand possessing its own unique qualities. Your eye doctor knows which lenses will best suit your needs. Always check to see if a particular alternate lens will be acceptable for your needs.

Check the expiration date.

Immediately upon receiving your contact lens order, check the expiration date on the package. If the lenses are dated they may be hazardous to your eyes. Call the company promptly and ask for a replacement.

Make sure your prescription is current.

Before placing an order, make certain that your prescription has not expired. A legitimate contact lens distributor will always check to make sure your prescription is current. If they fail to check, look for another distributor.

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