Top Low-Carb Cooking Tips

Sauces, Vegetables, Meat, and More Low-Carb Cooking Tips

When we change the way we eat, we often have to learn some new cooking techniques - or learn to cook in the first place! But truly, it doesn't have to be difficult, and it can be really fun and rewarding! Here are low-carb cooking tips, techniques, and advice for cooking healthy and tasty low-carb meals.


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Did you know that when people change to a low-carb way of eating they usually double, or even triple, the amount of vegetables they eat?  Here are some tips for getting veggies on the table fast.



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They're inexpensive, they're super-nutritious, they're easy to cook, and they're great vehicles for leftover vegetables and meats. What's not to like?

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Zucchini Pasta
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Do you miss pasta?  Here are some great low-carb substitutes.  The best choices are vegetables, but there are other healthy options as well.  See Also

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Did you know that greens are a low-carb super food we should be eating daily?  Some say our ancient ancestors ate up to six pounds of leaves a day!  Here are tips about ways to cook greens and ingredients and flavors that work well with them.



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Burgers - yum!  But sometimes they are dry, sometimes they don't have much flavor, and sometimes they turn into "hockey pucks" on the grill. Here are some tips to bring your burgers from "good" to "great".



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A great-tasting steak doesn't have to be expensive!



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There are lots of ways to thicken sauces, stews, and soups, and the amount of carbohydrates in them varies.  If you only need a little, it may make sense to just use a regular thickener (for example, if a tablespoon of flour is going to thicken a sauce for several portions.  Otherwise, choose something lower in carbs such as these suggestions.



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It would be so nice if we could take unsweetened chocolate and just substitute it into regular recipes - unfortunately, it doesn't work all that well.  This article tells about the health benefits of chocolate, and then has links to low-carb recipes using chocolate.



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Many people thinking whipped cream is born in a can, but it's pretty quick to make yourself, and without all that sugar!


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